Parking Your Melbourne Bikeshare Bike

I probably shared this here before but this post is to test a new plugin for WordPress. I had a problem where the plugin I was using, Wordbooker, ceased to exist. So here is a test of a new ‘WordPress To Facebook’ plugin, the name of which escapes me (and I could click on my plugins list but I just want this post done).

YouTube Tuesday: The Expert

Been here, enough said.

YouTube Tuesday: Marble Mania

This dude built a marble machine! Is it art? Is it engineering? Is it both?

YouTube Tuesday – Mechanical Principles

With so much of our machinery these days driven by complex electronic controls systems it’s easy to forget that engineers used to develop many novel solutions in pure mechanical systems to make machines do what was needed. Here’s a video from the 1930’s of some interesting mechanical concepts of which some look to be not entirely useful in any context.

YouTube Tuesday – A Serious Thread

I like making stuff. These guys are making some serious stuff. This video shows a thread rolling machine that is capable of rolling threads in stock up to 12″ in diameter. The thread they roll in this video is a 4.5″ x 1 TPI single start ACME in 1045 Cold Drawn Steel.


YouTube Tuesday – Useless Machines

Here are some more useless machine and other kinetic objects.

YouTube Tuesday – 3Dsimo 3D Pen

3D printers are all over the news now even though we have been using them in industry for years. Here is a 3D printer in a pen called 3Dsimo. I don’t really know how useful it is but it might be a fun to play with or use for artistic endeavours.

YouTube Tuesday – Newsroom Rapper’s Delight

Jimmy Fallon’s editing team must have had a crazy time putting this together. NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps The Sugar Hill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight”

YouTube Tuesday – My Useless Machine

Here is a video of my ‘Useless Machine’ that I made last year. I threw together after a friend showed me another video of a useless machine.

It is based on these instructions, but I went with the simple version that did not use a 555 timer. I have used an RC servo that was hacked for continuous rotation, an ON-ON DPDT switch and a micro switch. The case is made up of a couple of small ABS jiffy boxes from the electronics store and I cut the upper one in half (poorly) to make the lids. I am only using 2 AA batteries to drive it. Total cost was under AU$20 for the purchased parts (servo, boxes, and switches) and the rest of the stuff required was scavenged from around the house/hobby box.

Oh, and Dremels are rad.

Tamiya Mini 4WD Cars Have Come A Long Way

We used to play with Tamiya Mini 4WD cars when I was in primary school, along with a couple of other brands that were out there. They weren’t all that fast back then and we could follow them down a long gutter at school, turn them around and send them back to the finish line.

It seems that they have come a long way in the roughly 25 years since then. These cars are raced in Japan on guided, multi-lane tracks (they have no throttle or steering). They are now so fast that you can barely keep track of them. Here are a few videos of them I found on YouTube.

Full Race

Slow Motion

On Board

On Board Following