YouTube Tuesday: Mesmerizing Machines

A quick look at 24 mesmerizing machine from the Science channel’s How It’s Made program. The pretzel machine is cool.

Musical Monday: Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It

Jurassic 5 broke up during their Australian tour a few years ago but they are back. Here is their first new music for a long time.

YouTube Tuesday: Casey Neistat At A Crazy German Water Park

Casey Neistat, along with his son Owen, head to a German Water Park housed in a giant aircraft hangar style building.

You know what I find most fascinating about this video, you can do almost anything you want on the slides at this park. You can go down a slide with two or more people, go down with or without an inflatable, go head first or, apparently, wander in at night.

Oh, and I am fascinated by the simple slide at 1:10. Where are these basic slides at Australian water parks? We have too much emphasis on bigger and faster when sometimes you just want to go head first in the pool.

YouTube Tuesday: The Slo-Mo Guys At GE Labs

Here’s a little video I came across that The Slo-Mo Guys put together when they were invited to a GE nanotechnology lab. In this video they explore liquid physics at 2500 frames per second with two experiments. The first looks at water being dropped on a super hydrophobic material and in the second they see what happens when a magnetic liquid flows against gravity as it attracted by a magnet.

Theory Thursday: Working With Skies In Lightroom

An Adobe Lightroom ‘Killer Tip’ from Matt Kloskowski for working with skies.

YouTube Tuesday – How To Be A Hockey Player

Remember that time I played A-grade inline hockey? I may now be the one with too much team spirit…or the one that chirps too much.

YouTube Tuesday – My Useless Machine

Here is a video of my ‘Useless Machine’ that I made last year. I threw together after a friend showed me another video of a useless machine.

It is based on these instructions, but I went with the simple version that did not use a 555 timer. I have used an RC servo that was hacked for continuous rotation, an ON-ON DPDT switch and a micro switch. The case is made up of a couple of small ABS jiffy boxes from the electronics store and I cut the upper one in half (poorly) to make the lids. I am only using 2 AA batteries to drive it. Total cost was under AU$20 for the purchased parts (servo, boxes, and switches) and the rest of the stuff required was scavenged from around the house/hobby box.

Oh, and Dremels are rad.

No Heel Brakes Stopping – Slalom Stop

Here is the first of four videos (or five if I get around to doing a T-stop video) on ways to stop on inline skates without a heel brake. This is the slalom stop.

It is not as hard on your wheels and most other non-heel brake stops, but also not as effective. Your kinetic energy is mainly absorbed through bending the knees in each turn, and partly through some wheels scrub.