My First 10 Microstock Images

I have decided to see if I can make a few extra bucks on the side by dabbling in microstock photography whilst I fill in time between my day job (not much time left to fill in after that), paying photography jobs (a lot of time between them) and everything else I do (which has a habit of filling in more time than I can afford).

About a month ago I submitted a range of 10 images of a variety of subjects to what seems to be considered the “Big 4” of Microstock agencies. It was interesting to see what was accepted or rejected by each agency, and what the reasons for the rejections were. I also figured it was worth publishing the acceptance results of my submitted photos and some comments about the process so other prospective Microstock contributors can understand what you go through when you set off into the world of Microstock photography. Continue reading →

DPS Life Competition – Week 2

Doh, I missed week one. So here is my entry for week two…

Digital Photography School Contest: Life - Week 2 Entry

Digital Photography School Assignment: New Beginnings

I wasn’t going to enter this week, but I shot this yesterday and thought it fit with the theme. When I looked at the image on the camera screen I thought the subject looked like they were floating out of the lane and into the open street.

DPS Assignment: New Beginnings

Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF50 F1.4
Mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure Bias: +2/3
Aperture: f2.0
Shutter: 1/15

Christmas Pic for DPS

Here is a little Christmas pic for the Digital Photography School ‘Share Your Best Holiday Shot’ article.


2009 South Eastern Cash Dash BMX – Gallery 3

 More 13& under practice!

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2009 South Eastern Cash Dash BMX – Gallery 2

These pics are the first of two lots from 13& under practice. Keep watching this space for more!

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2009 South Eastern Cash Dash BMX – Gallery 1

Here is my first gallery from 14&over practice. If you are not in this gallery, don’t worry, I have plenty of racing action to come.

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2009 South Eastern Cash Dash BMX – Quick Pic

I just had to post a quick picture I found when going through the images I took at South Eastern today. This is a note for all the kids: part way into the final straight is not an appropriate time to check if dad got your tire pressure right. Do not follow the lead of Max Cairns below

Max Cairns check his tire pressure on the final straight at South Eastern

2009 Knox Thunderdome BMX – Gallery 5

Well, here is the fifth gallery from last weekend. I still have two more to put up, but I don’t know when that will happen since I will be shooting more again tomorrow at South Eastern. Well enjoy these and we will see what transpires!

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2009 Knox Thunderdome BMX – Gallery 4

Moto 3 and pro finals from Saturday. More Sunday moto and final pics to come…

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