Flickr Friday: Blue Vortex

Here is a light painting image I made a few weeks ago I call ‘Blue Vortex’. I used a string of blue LEDs in two ways to make this image.

Blue Vortex

Flickr Friday – Taiwan Street Food

Another image from my last trip to Taiwan. This street front eatery was quite busy on the Sunday I was wandering around Tainan. I guess the food must be good.

Street Food, Tainan, Taiwan

Flickr Friday – Wormhole

Here is a picture from my favorites by Stephen Humpleby. This one is a Wormhole looking thing that has been light painted. I think I know how this was done so I want to give it a go myself.


Flickr Friday – Back In Taiwan

Here is another picture from my last trip to Taiwan. There are paper lanterns everywhere in the lead up to a holiday in Taiwan and the Autumn Moon Festival was right around the corner on my last trip. I found this one hanging in a string of paper lanterns down an alley.

I was messing around with the clarity slider on this photo as I normally turn the clarity up a little, or a lot in some cases. On this image I dropped the clarity right off to -100 because I liked the effect it had.

Random Paper Lantern, Tainan, Taiwan

Flickr Friday – My Light Painting First Attempt

I have noted in a couple of posts I have an interest in light painting. Sometime last year I did have a go after being inspired by some light painting spirography I saw on Digital Photography School (there’s Darren Rowse with the inspire part of his mantra again…it really does work). Here are a couple of the pictures I took.

Light Paint Spirography

Light Paint Spirography

Flickr Friday – Taiwan Beef Noodle Shop

Here is a picture of mine from a business trip I took last year to Taiwan. I spent most of my time in Tainan towards the south of the Taiwan island on that trip.

This photo was taken outside a beef noodle shop that I was told has the best beef noodles in Tainan and, in the local’s opinion, the best in Taiwan. All the cooking and dishwashing happens outside which seems a little unusual to westerners and perhaps even concerning if you are going to eat there. And I did eat there. The noodles were quite good but apparently I got the wrong ones. The dry noodles are the specialty but I had a noodle soup. No stomach issues afterwards either!

Beef Noodle Shop, Tainan, Taiwan

Youtube Favorite – Erik Johansson: Impossible Photography

You may have seen some of Erik Johansson’s photography composites floating around the interwebs. In a video from TED, he discusses how he develops his ideas and turns them into a final image. It really is a mixture of photography and illustration which creates phenomenal results that will blow your mind. The tools he uses are readily available, and as he says, the only limit is one’s imagination. If only I had his vivid imagination!

Eric’s personal portfolio is available on his blog.


A Flickr Favorite – Taipei 101 by yameme

This is a very cool shot of Taipei 101 taken in the evening by Flickr user yameme. I found this shot while looking at picture of Taiwan on Flickr (I have been their once and enjoyed my time there) and was amazed by the color and vibrancy shown. The body of work from yameme also has many other shots from Taipei, Taiwan and east Asia which are all excellent. Check out his (or her) Flickr photostream for more.

台北夜 Taipei 101, Taipei


Fun with Dry Ice

Fun with Dry Ice

Originally uploaded by inlina

Here is a little sample of some fun with dry ice in colored water I was working with on the weekend. I have a few variations on the theme and A LOT of shots with all manner of lighting and backdrops.

I will be submitting a number of them for microstock. Hopefully it will get me over the line with ShutterStock.

This shoot has given me a lot of ideas for more stock and the confidence to do more product photography. Some more lighting would help though (Ranger Quadra…wink, wink).

ANZ Centre and Melbourne by night from Docklands

ANZ Centre and Melbourne by night from Docklands

Originally uploaded by inlina

Via Flickr:
A view over the marina at the end of Lorimer St on the Yarra River looking at the new ANZ Centre (ANZ Head Office) and the sity skyline.