Track Attack 2009 – Round 2, Park Orchards

It was back to another track today for round 2 of the 2009 Track Attack. Today was my home track of Park Orchards. Helping out the club with officiating duties meant I had a decent excuse for not riding this round, but I am running out of reasons as to why I am not on the track. I had a good excuse back in 2008 as I got shipped to Detroit for 3 weeks, but no such luck this year.

Since I was helping out, I handed most of the camera duties over to the boss (ie. the household managing director, the mother of my child, the one who both makes me insane and keeps me sane, the love of my life etc.). When I say most, I mean I got to do practice and she did the rest. So in my opinion if you think a picture is really good, it must have been taken during practice (I just know I am going to get beaten up when she reads this). Here they are…. Continue reading →

FreeRider 2 and the Park Orchards BMX Track

You may have thought this was going to be people cutting sick on long travel MTBs at Park Orchards, but it’s not.

I came across this little flash game called FreeRider 2 via the Farkin forums (the regulars were complaining about a long thread of codes for it). It’s pretty simple…you draw side-scrolling 2D tracks or get other people’s code for them and then ride them on a bike or a number of other vehicles.

The controls are simple; up arrow to accelerate; down arrow to brake; left/right arrows to lean forwards/backwards for balance; Z to turn around; ENTER to start again. Added to that, you draw tracks using the tools on the fly-out menu on the left hand side. On the right hand menu, there is a way to save your creations and load others. There is also a button to change your vehicle. Continue reading →

First BMX Race and I lived to tell the tale!

OK, so I rode my first BMX race on the trusty 20″ Kuwahara on Saturday. I paid my year’s licence money (without bothering to try a race on a day licence first) and got out in the ‘Dads’ class at the Park Orchards clubbie. I’d done gates and ridden around on the track during warm-up and practice previously, but racing is a completely different experience.

Basically, it was a full gate (8 riders) of dads who should know better than to ride little bikes up steep embankments and fling themselves into the air. This is a bunch of blokes who know the old rule “what goes up must come down”, and should also realise that is goes hand in hand with “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

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Park Orchards BMX Track including new Pro-Line

Park Orchards BMX track has been given the green light for the 2007 Victorian Championships. Check out the high-res panoramas by clicking though the thumbnails below – warning, the files are BIG.

Great work by the club and even some non-club members who pitched in through conditions that were not ideal at times. (I feel guilty for not helping with this one, but I have had other commitments).

Park Orchards BMX Track with Pro-line (large)

Park Orchards BMX Track with Pro-Line (large) 2