Flickr Friday: More Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Here is a shot of the Melbourne Winter fireworks I took from a different location to the one I first posted.

Docklands Winter Fireworks 25th July 2014

Flickr Friday: Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Here is a shot of the Docklands Winter Fireworks the City of Melbourne is putting on every Friday night until the end of August. You can see more in the ‘My Melbourne’ album I have on Flickr.

Docklands Winter Fireworks 11th July 2014

ANZ Centre and Melbourne by night from Docklands

ANZ Centre and Melbourne by night from Docklands

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Via Flickr:
A view over the marina at the end of Lorimer St on the Yarra River looking at the new ANZ Centre (ANZ Head Office) and the sity skyline.

IceHouse: Ice Skating in Melbourne’s Docklands

With the post Winter Olympic buzz still in the air and the recent opening of Icehouse in Melbourne’s Docklands, I got together with a couple of friends at works for a skate on tight a$$ Tuesday last week. I also backed this up with another skate there on Sunday with the family.

The first time out on the rink was ‘Tight A$$ Tuesday’ which is half price entry (but not half price skate hire). I hired ‘premium’ hockey skates and hit the ice with a Canadian (ice in the blood?!) and another work friend who used to play ice and inline hockey. Just a note on the Tuesday night session…it is BUSY. I asked on my return visit on Sunday how many they put through the doors Tuesday night and they said 700 skaters…HUGE. Previous weeks had been between 250 to 400 skaters. Continue reading →

DPS Assigment: Your Evening

Been away for a bit so I missed the last assigment. Here is my submission for this week’s assignment, ‘Your Evening’. My evening largly consists of being stuck in traffic on my way home across the city. This picture was taken about half way along my drive home on Johnston St in Fitzroy.

DPS Assignment: Your Evening

Assignment: Your Evening
Focal Length: 35mm
Shutter Speed: 1/2
F-stop: F-5.6
ISO Speed: ISO-400
Flash: No
Date/Time: 5/5/09 6:22PM

(camera EXIF data is 1 hour out because I haven’t changed it off daylight savings time)

DPS Assignment – In The City

This picture is for the DPS assignment ‘In The City’. It was taken at the top of Collins St in Melbourne late last night.

I was looking to capture the movement through the city at night, particularly of trams and cars. The only post processing was to crop and straighten the image. Click the image to see a larger size.

Collins Street (Melbourne) at night
Collins Street (Melbourne) at night

DPS Assignment: In the City
Date: 14/4/09
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S IS 18-55
Aperture: F20
Exposure: 19sec
ISO: 100

2009 Melbourne Motorshow “Benchmarking”

I was in Detroit last year when the famous Detroit Motor Show was on. It was a great motor show, but there was not a great deal of benchmarking that could be done. So I have compiled some benchmarking data at this year’s Melbourne Motor Show to share around the world, especially for those looking for some decent to look at in Detroit.

Maybe I will get to go to a European motor show in the future and do some real benchmarking.

(Follow the jump to see the benchmarking pics…)  Continue reading →

Melbourne New Year’s Fireworks

Let’s kick off 2009 by saying YES I AM STILL HERE. I am working on a number projects at the moment, so posting rubbish here is low on the priority list. Quite a few of my priorities that are keeping me away from blogging are still internerd based. That’s right, if I am not at my day job, on the BMX track or skating I am busily bashing the keyboard whilst listening to the distant cry of, “‘Are you coming to bed yet?”

I managed to tear myself away from the computer (and the strain of housework) long enough for a family outing to the Melbourne New Years Eve fireworks…the early session because the late one was past my bedtime. We headed into the city on the free public transport (ie. don’t complain if it doesn’t work) for a picnic and 10 minutes of exploding glitter on the banks of the Yarra River. It did give the chance to break out the new Canon 450D, sit it on the tripod and take some decent, long exposure shots of the sparkly glory. Continue reading →