I’m Back….

….for another sporadic round of blogging. Well, I never really went anywhere, I just got busy.

Where’s Inlina?

This is like “Where’s Wally” (or “Where’s Waldo” for you Yanks). Spot me…..

Spot Me

Spot Me

Still Suck at Blogging

Yep, it has been a while. Since I last posted, the Redwings won the Stanley Cup in 6 games, I finally bought a new BMX and I finally had my first BMX crash—es!

But the most important thing I have done this week was upgrade my WordPress blog software. I went from v2.2 to v2.6, and the upgrade had only one glitch, which was a pain to fix. Somewhere along the way the tables in the database for categories changed. The new install upgraded my database with the new tables, but forgot to pull the actual category names and SLUGs across. Continue reading →

Bad Boy Bloggy

OK, I must be one of the worst bloggers in the world. Anything in my life seems to be either secret due to the nature of my work or too personal to share. Crunch-to-boot, I don’t even really have time for  blog…I am turning my home PC on once a week instead of once a day like I used to. I don’t even go to the forums I used to anymore!

I do have some stuff to write about my trip to Detroit, but more on that later…if I can find the time!

Regrads too yuo

Why is it that I always accidently spell ‘regards’ as ‘regrads’ when I am signing off my email. Am I a dyslexic typist?

The beginning of the….


Well, I am now armed with a blog and dangerous.

I don’t actually have anything to say, but I figured I had better post something anyway.