Whacky Wednesday: Hip-Hop Medley – Stylophone Beatbox

When digging for yesterday’s YouTube video I found this one. Classic Hip-Hop medley using the Stylophone Beatbox.

Seth Sentry Playlist From Soundcloud

Seth Sentry tracks from Soundcloud. Enough said.

Musical Monday: Cut Chemist – Old School Hip-Hop Mixtape

Oh my what you can find on Soundcloud. Here’s a rad, old school hip-hop mix tape from Cut Chemist.

Musical Monday: DJ QBert Set And Interview

OK, so I haven’t watched the whole thing but I like what I have seen of it so far. The real interest for me though was that he mentions, at about 55:25, Pioneer had a secret turntable project that is not so secret any more and that he likes the Staton turtables. I assume that means the Staton ST150s.

And the ‘not so secret’ Pioneer turntable project…in a glass cabinet. There is still nothing confirmed by Pioneer that I can see on the interwebs.

Hip-Hop Culture – Breakdance

Breakdance (AKA B-boying/B-girling or breaking) is most athletic of the element of Hip-Hop. This dance style grew out of the street culture of New York in the 1970s as a constructive option for the kids on the streets instead of being part of the gangs and violence.

Breakdance has 4 major elements to its technique – toprock, downrock, freezes and power moves.  Showdowns and contests take place as a battle, were individuals or crews (group) go head to head, taking it in turns to show their skills. I went looking for a video that really encompassed all of these techniques in a battle mode, when a light bulb went off in my head. The film clip for Jason Nevins’ remix of ‘It’s Like That’ by Run-DMC is a fake crew battle that really shows everything. To quote DMC, ‘Check this out’….

Hip-Hop Culture – Graffiti

Often when people think of Hip-Hop, what comes to mind is crap mainstream rap music that barely has a shred of relevance to the culture that is Hip-Hop. Well, Hip-Hop is not just making MTV videos for millions of dollars so P. Diddy can sell his Sean John clothes and drive a Hummer. Real Hip-Hop culture is about the four elements – rapping; DJing; B-boying; and graffiti.

So, as a brief education in Hip-Hop culture, my next few video of the week posts will be focused on the four elements of Hip-Hop. The first one is of Pose and Ewok ‘dropping a burner’ (no, this is not something you do in the toilet after a vindaloo). The finished piece is a phenomenal artwork that just makes you go ‘WOW’. You can see more pictures of this piece as well as more graffiti at Known Gallery.

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ACDC Online Dance Battle

OK, the movie Step Up 2 wasn’t the greatest for plot, but when the director and one of the stars gang up on Miley Cyrus the result is great.

Step Up 2’s director John Chu and Adam Savani who played ‘Moose’ team up for what they tout as the greatest online dance battle against ‘teen idol’ Miley Cyrus and one of her dancers Mandy Jiroux. Adam and Chu’s crew is called ACDC….the Adam Chu Dance Crew (yeah, kind of lame). But the team they pull together for the second installment of the battle is incredible, from some amazing hip-hop dancers to big name stars.

ACDC’s second installment is below and surely is the winner. Check out YouTube for the other installments in the battle.

You Gonna Get Smacked…

…by Ugly Duckling (they’ll teach you how to act).

Jay-Z Apparently Has Some Problems…

Ninety-nine according to him. Count along as you listen, I think he may be exaggerating a little.