Flickr Friday: More Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Here is a shot of the Melbourne Winter fireworks I took from a different location to the one I first posted.

Docklands Winter Fireworks 25th July 2014

Flickr Friday: Adding A Complete Flickr Album To WordPress

As I have just discovered this I am dedicating Flickr Friday to it even though it is a bit more of a Theory Thursday item. I found that it is possible to embed a complete album with navigation into WordPress from Flickr using their HTML iFrame code.

The way I did it:

  1. At Flickr, go to the album you want to embed from.
  2. Select the picture you want it to start at.
  3. Click on the share icon, select HTML as the code, set the size you want and set the radio button at the bottom of the share box as ‘Embed’ (not HTML).
  4. Copy the complete ‘iframe’ code.
  5. Paste it into position in your WordPress post or page using the text editor (not the visual editor)

Bang…embedded album with navigation! This one in particular if the ‘My Melbourne’ album I have created from my pictures around, you guessed it, Melbourne.

I assume it would also be possible to embed your favorites and galleries using this method but maybe that is one for next week.

Flickr Friday: Taiwan Glass Gallery

Here is a quick shot from my Flickr favorites from a user I follow called Yameme. This is his image of the Taiwan Glass Gallery in Changhua. A very cool reflection shot.

台灣玻璃館玻璃廟 Taiwan Glass Gallery / Changhua, Taiwan

Flickr Friday: Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Here is a shot of the Docklands Winter Fireworks the City of Melbourne is putting on every Friday night until the end of August. You can see more in the ‘My Melbourne’ album I have on Flickr.

Docklands Winter Fireworks 11th July 2014

Flickr Friday: Light Painting With A Mobile Phone

Here is a light painting trial I captured by using an image on my mobile phone screen as a direct light source. I used Autodesk Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to create a simple image of blocks in red, green and blue. Running the Canon 1D4 on bulb with the Canon 24-70mm F2.8L lens I used an f18 aperture at 34mm focal length and this image was created with a 93 second shutter time.

The colors turned out a little odd in this one but it was a first test. There are some later images on my Flickr photostream where I used lighter shades of the colors that looks more vibrant. My intent is to add this technique into images with a subject or even add some dynamic mechanical system to create some interest and order to the picture.

Celly/Mobile Light

Flickr Friday: Karaoke By Anping Beach

Taiwan is certainly an interesting place. It is a cultural cocktail of east with a splash of west and tradition is topped with modern. It was no more apparent than the Karaoke and Tea Truck parked at Anping Beach, just off Sicao Bridge, in Tainan. This guy belted out a local classic quite nicely. Stairway was not on his playlist.

Karaoke By Anping Beach, Tainan, Taiwan

Flickr Friday: 8-Bit Light Painting

Here is a quick light painting image I made using an LED chaser bank. There are a few different chaser patterns the strip does and it results in different light paint pattern when you move laterally in the frame.

Light Painting in 8 bits

Flickr Friday: Blue Vortex

Here is a light painting image I made a few weeks ago I call ‘Blue Vortex’. I used a string of blue LEDs in two ways to make this image.

Blue Vortex

Flickr Friday: Jesse’s Celica by Ben Hosking

Ben Hosking takes some great images mainly in the realm of automotive product. The is an awesome shot of a very nice ride.

Jesse's Toyotal Celica - Second Edit

Flickr Friday: Four Storms And A Twister

Here’s a picture from Flickr user JD Hancock that I added to my favorites a while ago. He calls is ‘Four Storms And A Twister’.

Four Storms And A Twister