What’s Going On – 3rd Edition

Well, I have managed to schedule a few posts as you may have seen. I have also updated my ‘About’ page per the Problogger Community challenge from last week, or perhaps it was the week before. I probably should post that to the Problogger Forums since it was part of a challenge.

Over on Loaded Trolley we’ve done a few posts in the last few weeks. In wandering around the Docklands and Ringwood Costco Warehouses there have been a number of what I call a ‘.97 Special‘ which has generate some posts. I also use that to drive a little bit of traffic to Loaded Trolley via OzBargain. There has been one troll on OzBargain that seems to be upset with me doing this but he is just a prolific poster who seems to have nothing better to do than post a comment on almost every deal.

I still have a mountain of data analysis to do for Loaded Trolley. We spent 12 weeks gathering comparative prices from Costco, Coles and Woolworths so it is time to slice that data up and get some results.

LivingRoomRaceway.com is still in its infancy but traffic is inching up each week especially with more posts. I am about to start on making some terrain for the modular micro RC track so there will be a lot of content soon. There is also one more flat track video to come to show the modularity of the system, I just need to shoot it!

It’s going to be a bit of a hectic couple of weeks for my family with a major sporting event looming. Once that is done some it will be time for more projects. I keep promising to myself I will get onto some light painting but so far no dice. And in the true Corey fashion I have five great new projects ideas and only one brain and body, or perhaps two, to consider working on them. I will add them to the list. Anyone want an idea to run with and develop? I have a bunch I cannot get to.

Oh, and in the midst of all this I am trying to watch all of the Detroit Red Wings playoffs games. It was a 5AM start this morning for game 2 only to see them lose 4-1 to Boston. I was so hopeful of two wins on the road after the first game with a 1-0 win over the Bruins. Well it’s 1 game a piece and they are are heading to Detroit and are still in it. Go Wings.


Goalie Fights Are Funny Part 2

This time Patrick Roy of the Avs comes back for more against a different Redwings goalie, Chris Osgood.

Goalie Fights Are Funny

Ice hockey goalie fight are the best! Patrick Roy (Avalanche) goes at it against Mike Vernon (Redwings).

Redwings Ticket…WOOT

By luck I found that there was one ticket left for Redwings vs. Coyotes at Joe Louis this Wednesday right in row 1. That’s right, I’ll be watching the Redwings right on the boards, roughly next to the face-off dot on the penalty box side (not sure if it’s the home or away end though). Whilst I hope the Redwings win, I’d really like to see a good close game. Now I’m off to buy a Redwings jersey and a novelty foam hand.

The One-Sided Game of the Night…BORING

Just got back from Detriot Pistons vs. Orlando Magic @ Detroit. This is the second (and probably last) NBA game I will go to. It was one sided from outset, just like the Pistons v Clippers game I went to last year…Detroit killed them in that one too. When basketball is that one-sided, it may as well be golf…Zzzzzzzzzz.

Waterford Oaks BMX Track – Michigan, USA

I was in Detroit late last year for work, and decided I had to check out what constituted a BMX track over there. The nearest track I could find was Waterford-Oaks BMX track in Waterford (county?). I would suggest it is in the greater Detroit metro area and as such the only track I would consider anywhere near metropolitan Detroit. From downtown Detroit to Waterford it would be similar to driving from Melbourne CBD to Lilydale.

The track has mostly ashphalt berms and a good range of jumps. The jumps started from something as big as say first double at Knox down to rhythms, as well as a medium size pro-line (no where near as big as Park Orchards though). I have no idea what the track and jumps were like, but there were a couple of fairly good riders and the track appeared to flow for them. I do think their rhythms and smaller jumps were a bit flat, but Eastfield’s rhythms look flat to me then it all changes when I ride them!

Waterford Oaks BMX Track

Waterford Oaks BMX Track Rythms and Berm

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