Those Krazy Kids and their Flying Machines

OK, they’re not all kids…HRV is the same age as me. But while I’m struggling to clear the 3rd straight table top on the Park Orchards BMX track, HRV and the some of the upcoming juniors from Park Orchards and beyond are flying over the pro-line and 2nd straight triple. Here’s some of the pics I took at the clubby last weekend. I want to turn a few of these into posters and see how they look. Follow the jump to check them out…

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DPS Assignment: Ghetto Lighting

This week’s assignment at Digital Photography School is ‘Ghetto Lighting’. The idea is to use cheap light sources for you photo rather than a flash, speedlite or pro lighting.

For this one, I used 4 glow sticks…2 blue, 2 green. As you can tell from the image, the blue is to the left of the manequin and the green to the right. I still had to run a long exposure and I intentionally underexposed it slightly. The back drop is the backing card I have in my homemade light box.

I really just wanted to highlight the right side in green and the left in blue. The background transition and shadows are a cool side effect.


DPS Assignment: Ghetto Lighting
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-50 Macro
Aperture: F/4.5
Exposure: 20 seconds

DPS Assigment: Kitchen Utensils

Here is my latest DPS Assignment entry for “Kitchen Utensils”. You are meant to take an everyday item from your kitchen and make it interesting. I am not sure if I have achieved this, but I had some fun with my new 580EXII Speedlite trying to do it.

DPS Assigment: Kitchen Utensils

DPS Assigment: Kitchen Utensils
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S 18-55 IS
Exposure: 1/10
Aperture: F4.5
Focal Length: 36mm
Flash: Yes, Strobe 30Hz x 3 flashes @ 1/64 (Canon 580EXII) Continue reading →

DPS Assigment: Your Evening

Been away for a bit so I missed the last assigment. Here is my submission for this week’s assignment, ‘Your Evening’. My evening largly consists of being stuck in traffic on my way home across the city. This picture was taken about half way along my drive home on Johnston St in Fitzroy.

DPS Assignment: Your Evening

Assignment: Your Evening
Focal Length: 35mm
Shutter Speed: 1/2
F-stop: F-5.6
ISO Speed: ISO-400
Flash: No
Date/Time: 5/5/09 6:22PM

(camera EXIF data is 1 hour out because I haven’t changed it off daylight savings time)

DPS Assigment: Natural Light Portrait

Here is this week’s assigment submission I call “Girl Racer”. I had to use a heal brush in Photoshop to get rid of a hint of a powerline.

Girl Racer
Girl Racer

DPS Assignment: Natural Light Portrait
Date: 19/4/09
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S IS 18-55
Focal Length: 55mm
Aperture: F5.6
Exposure: 1/400
ISO: 100

DPS Assignment – In The City

This picture is for the DPS assignment ‘In The City’. It was taken at the top of Collins St in Melbourne late last night.

I was looking to capture the movement through the city at night, particularly of trams and cars. The only post processing was to crop and straighten the image. Click the image to see a larger size.

Collins Street (Melbourne) at night
Collins Street (Melbourne) at night

DPS Assignment: In the City
Date: 14/4/09
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S IS 18-55
Aperture: F20
Exposure: 19sec
ISO: 100

A picture for DPS – Slow Shutter Speed

I have been following the Digital Photography School website for a few months and I decided to join in on their forums and assignments when I can.

An assignment from a few weeks ago was ‘Slow Shutter Speed’, and going back through some of my old pics, I had played with this before when shooting BMX. It’s quite hard to get right, especially if the rider is in the air as they tend to be moving their bodies from launch to landing which makes it really hard to track. I got this one of Steven Gedye (from Track Attack 2009 @ Frankston) after he landed and it is probably the best of my slow shutter BMX shots. The light was warmish and the condition in general were good but it is probably a bit overexposed. I have post-processed it (cropped and color balance changed) in Adobe Lightroom.

I will keep working on this slow shutter stuff as I really like the effect, especially at BMX.

Steven Gedye - Track Attack 2009, Frankston

Melbourne Sunset – HDR Processed


Originally uploaded by inlina

I want to start playing with HDR processing of my digital pics, but I am yet to find a good subject. I gave it a shot tonight with some pictures of the sunset looking over the Melbourne skyline from Doncaster. With the heavy bushfire smoke in the air, the sun was very orange-red.

This one was taken with auto-exposure-bracketing (AEB) of +/-2 and post-processed with Photomatix Pro. I may have overcooked it a bit, but I like it. I may go and get a print of it to see how it turns out.

Melbourne New Year’s Fireworks

Let’s kick off 2009 by saying YES I AM STILL HERE. I am working on a number projects at the moment, so posting rubbish here is low on the priority list. Quite a few of my priorities that are keeping me away from blogging are still internerd based. That’s right, if I am not at my day job, on the BMX track or skating I am busily bashing the keyboard whilst listening to the distant cry of, “‘Are you coming to bed yet?”

I managed to tear myself away from the computer (and the strain of housework) long enough for a family outing to the Melbourne New Years Eve fireworks…the early session because the late one was past my bedtime. We headed into the city on the free public transport (ie. don’t complain if it doesn’t work) for a picnic and 10 minutes of exploding glitter on the banks of the Yarra River. It did give the chance to break out the new Canon 450D, sit it on the tripod and take some decent, long exposure shots of the sparkly glory. Continue reading →