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YouTube Tuesday: Casey Neistat At A Crazy German Water Park

Casey Neistat, along with his son Owen, head to a German Water Park housed in a giant aircraft hangar style building.

You know what I find most fascinating about this video, you can do almost anything you want on the slides at this park. You can go down a slide with two or more people, go down with or without an inflatable, go head first or, apparently, wander in at night.

Oh, and I am fascinated by the simple slide at 1:10. Where are these basic slides at Australian water parks? We have too much emphasis on bigger and faster when sometimes you just want to go head first in the pool.

A Post About A Quadcycle To Disguise A Plug-In Test

Here is a video of a full suspension quadcycle.

But I really just made this post to test a WordPress plugin.

Theory Thursday: Parametric Surfboard Design And Manufacture

Being an NX CAD user with an interest in surfing (no, I can’t do it but I am interested in it) seeing this case study coming up in the Siemens YouTube channel piqued my interest. According to the video FireWire Surfboards has added a parametric customisation functions to their website that uses NX as a backbone for the 3D modelling of your custom stick. The company can then have the design sent straight to the factory for manufacturing on CNC machine centres.

I have attempted to give the custom board design application a try on a couple of occasions, once in Firefox and once in Chrome. So far I have had no luck making it work receiving different errors on both occasions. Let’s hope they get it sorted out because it is a very interesting use of a high-end CAD system to provide mass customisation. Imagine the bike industry harnessing this to tweak your bike frame based on your specific requirements.

Whacky Wednesday: Paleta By Tomáš Moravec

Musical Monday: Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

I’m not all Hip-Hop. Here’s some Weezer.

Theory Thursday: How A Diff Works

Yes I am a mechanical engineer, I do work for an automotive company and I do understand why cars have differentials. However I never fully understood the fundamentals of a diff’s operation until I saw this video.

Whacky Wednesday: Get Disoriented With Reggie Watts

Brilliant…that’s all you need to know.

YouTube Tuesday: The Slo-Mo Guys At GE Labs

Here’s a little video I came across that The Slo-Mo Guys put together when they were invited to a GE nanotechnology lab. In this video they explore liquid physics at 2500 frames per second with two experiments. The first looks at water being dropped on a super hydrophobic material and in the second they see what happens when a magnetic liquid flows against gravity as it attracted by a magnet.

Theory Thursday: Working With Skies In Lightroom

An Adobe Lightroom ‘Killer Tip’ from Matt Kloskowski for working with skies.

YouTube Tuesday: High Speed Video Of A Cutting Tool

Usually CNC cutters are running too fast to really see the cutting action. Ingersoll Cutting Tools has created some high-speed videos of their tools in action so you can see their cutter in action including this OctoPlus tool.