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Theory Thursday: Nick Hanauer – Rich people don’t create jobs

Seattle entrepreneur Nick Hanauer gave this TED talk that was never published on TED’s channel. It was deemed too controversial. What do you think?

YouTube Tuesday: Casey Neistat’s Studio

Here is a video from my YouTube favorites I go back to every now and then. Casey Neistat is an independent filmmaker from New York and this is a video Gizmodo did looking around his studio. It’s a very functional space and I am very jealous. I hope that one day I can have a studio and workshop like that for my projects, although I am OCD enough to keep to neat and tidy like Casey.

Theory Thursday: Making Ball Bearings

This one goes out to all my skating friends and some of the cyclists I know might take interest in it too. This is a video from Nachi on how rolling element bearings are made. This one follows the manufacture of deep groove ball bearings so it’s a good one for skaters to watch.

YouTube Tuesday: Mesmerizing Machines

A quick look at 24 mesmerizing machine from the Science channel’s How It’s Made program. The pretzel machine is cool.

Musical Monday: Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It

Jurassic 5 broke up during their Australian tour a few years ago but they are back. Here is their first new music for a long time.

Whacky Wednesday: Star Wars Blooper Reel

If you’re a Star Wars nerd you know about a Storm Trooper hits his head on the Millennium Falcon door in the movie release. If you’re a super Star Wars nerd you will have also seen this blooper reel so you can stop looking at this post now.

For the rest of you this is worth a watch if you know anything about Star Wars. If you know nothing about Star Wars you are probably in the wrong corner of the internet.

YouTube Tuesday: Inline Skating Crossed With North Shore Mountain Bike

What do you get when you cross inline skating, Red Bull Crashed Ice and North Shore style mountain bike trails? The Couch Garden Crew Movie Project of course.

These Austrian inline skaters, and most likely ice hockey players, have taken inspiration from Red Bull’s Crashed Ice race series to create a course in the forest reminiscent of the North Shore trails originally scene in Canadian mountain biking. This movie project follows the crew from their inspiration through building the course, preparing custom rigging for the film and skating the roller coaster of wood. I wish I could have a roll on it, it looks like a lot of fun.

Musical Monday: Philadelphia Grand Jury – 99 Problems Cover

Here is an old Triple J ‘Like A Version’ from 2009 of Philadelphia Grand Jury covering Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’.

Theory Thursday: The Battle For The Best Artificial Surfing Wave

Wave pools. We’ve all seen them or even been in them at the big water parks. And while the waves that a typical wave pool generates are surfable they just aren’t that good. There are also standing waves that are generated by blasting water over a form but these do not allow for a standard surfboard with fins to be used.

Over the last few years there have been a few people trying to develop a better artificial wave for surfing that mimics a real wave. One technology comes out of Australia from Webber Wave Pools and another comes from Wavegarden. These are just two of several technologies that are emerging, but they appear to be two of the most viable and interesting. Continue reading →

Whacky Wednesday: Celebrity Bowling Trickshots

Here’s an old video I found in my YouTube favorites from Funny Or Die.