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Theory Thursday: Parametric Surfboard Design And Manufacture

Being an NX CAD user with an interest in surfing (no, I can’t do it but I am interested in it) seeing this case study coming up in the Siemens YouTube channel piqued my interest. According to the video FireWire Surfboards has added a parametric customisation functions to their website that uses NX as a backbone for the 3D modelling of your custom stick. The company can then have the design sent straight to the factory for manufacturing on CNC machine centres.

I have attempted to give the custom board design application a try on a couple of occasions, once in Firefox and once in Chrome. So far I have had no luck making it work receiving different errors on both occasions. Let’s hope they get it sorted out because it is a very interesting use of a high-end CAD system to provide mass customisation. Imagine the bike industry harnessing this to tweak your bike frame based on your specific requirements.

YouTube Tuesday: Verruckt First Launch

The Schlitterbahn Development Group have been working on the tallest water slide in the world they call the Verruckt. The slide is being installed in the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City and was scheduled for opening on the Memorial Day weekend. It was delayed to July 10th and was a soft opening (ie. we don’t have all the bugs ironed out).

Here is the first live test…

Theory Thursday: How A Diff Works

Yes I am a mechanical engineer, I do work for an automotive company and I do understand why cars have differentials. However I never fully understood the fundamentals of a diff’s operation until I saw this video.

YouTube Tuesday: The Slo-Mo Guys At GE Labs

Here’s a little video I came across that The Slo-Mo Guys put together when they were invited to a GE nanotechnology lab. In this video they explore liquid physics at 2500 frames per second with two experiments. The first looks at water being dropped on a super hydrophobic material and in the second they see what happens when a magnetic liquid flows against gravity as it attracted by a magnet.

Theory Thursday: Working With Skies In Lightroom

An Adobe Lightroom ‘Killer Tip’ from Matt Kloskowski for working with skies.

YouTube Tuesday: High Speed Video Of A Cutting Tool

Usually CNC cutters are running too fast to really see the cutting action. Ingersoll Cutting Tools has created some high-speed videos of their tools in action so you can see their cutter in action including this OctoPlus tool.

Parking Your Melbourne Bikeshare Bike

I probably shared this here before but this post is to test a new plugin for WordPress. I had a problem where the plugin I was using, Wordbooker, ceased to exist. So here is a test of a new ‘WordPress To Facebook’ plugin, the name of which escapes me (and I could click on my plugins list but I just want this post done).

A Week Of Inlina In Review

This is the first week I have really attempted to have a post on this blog every weekday. As you can see I have decided to theme my days to give me something to work to. Since this blog is really about nothing and simply exists for my own entertainment I have tried to keep the themes as generic as possible. I still want them to provide me with some guidance as to the kinds of things to post and they may get redeveloped in the fullness of time (honestly…Whacky Wednesday was to best I could do).

If you want to some of my current work that has a more specific intent then check out Loaded Trolley and Living Room Raceway. There may also be a few more sites of mine in the future.

Musical Monday: DJ QBert Set And Interview

OK, so I haven’t watched the whole thing but I like what I have seen of it so far. The real interest for me though was that he mentions, at about 55:25, Pioneer had a secret turntable project that is not so secret any more and that he likes the Staton turtables. I assume that means the Staton ST150s.

And the ‘not so secret’ Pioneer turntable project…in a glass cabinet. There is still nothing confirmed by Pioneer that I can see on the interwebs.

Playing Catch-up: YouTube And Flickr

Apparently I had no posts this week…fail! Here’s a double or nothing special. Something from YouTube and something from Flickr.

First a little test video using a HobbyKing ‘Wing Camera’ that I will be using to do some race cam type videos for Living Room Raceway.

And from my Flickr Photostream some of my light painting as I promised a while ago. More light painting to come with as I make some light painting tools.

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