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Travis Pastrana Backflips a Tricycle

Sometimes I have to search for video of the week, and sometimes they just come to me. This is just nutty!

AmazingTricycle Jump – Watch more free videos

Swedish Women’s Soccer Team

I would like to be able to run the contest of the Swedish Women’s Soccer team vs. the Polish Women’s Volleyball team in context (ie. pictures from the pitch/court), but there isn’t a lot around for the Swedes. So here’s a little gallery of a few of the Swedish Women’s Soccer team just for you to enjoy (and by you, I mean Glenn!).

Oh, and while I think of it, here is their Olympic team roster.

The Polish Women’s Volleyball Team

No, it’s not the opener to a bad joke.

This one is more about much discussion that has been around the traps today after SBS’s Olympic broadcast last night that featured an women’s indoor volleyball game between Poland and China. The point of the discussion….are these the hottest women in the entire Olympic competition this year? So far, they have my vote, but there is a suggestion the Swedish women’s soccer team will give them a run for their money.

Judge for yourself…

Oh, and there is a bit more information on the team at Polish Blog.

The One-Sided Game of the Night…BORING

Just got back from Detriot Pistons vs. Orlando Magic @ Detroit. This is the second (and probably last) NBA game I will go to. It was one sided from outset, just like the Pistons v Clippers game I went to last year…Detroit killed them in that one too. When basketball is that one-sided, it may as well be golf…Zzzzzzzzzz.