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Whacky Wednesday: Football As A Metaphor For Business Culture

I have this theory, and it’s a bit whacky so it’s not a post for Theory Thursday. My theory is that the predominant type of football played in a country or region shows through in the business culture especially in countries with mature, Western business styles. Here’s how I see it.

Europe – what some of us call soccer is clearly the main football in Europe (sorry rugby people). Soccer is like doing business in Europe based on these points:

  • Like in European business it’s a slow and steady wins the race approach and typically a low scoring affair.
  • It is absolutely clear what the goal is. One ball in the net equals one point.
  • The plays are calculated but decisions are still made on fly.
  • Everyone on the field has a chance to put in and possibly even score although there is some reliance on a team’s stars.
  • There are a few substitutes (hangers-on and consultants) on the bench but the bulk of the team is playing on the field.
  • On the rare occasion a scoring play is made (ie. a goal) a great deal of excitement is shown with special celebration, and that is the only time anyone really gets excited.
  • If someone even slightly looks like they have done wrong by you fall over and whinge.

Australia – Australian Rules football is the main game across the country so we’ll consider that (sorry again rugby people). The game is like Australian business because:

  • Australian Rules football, like most Australian companies, is organised chaos.
  • The ball is often in the air and the play could go either way.
  • Decisions and plays are made on the fly and often bad judgement quickly turns the game into the other team’s favour.
  • Everyone on the field contributes to scoring and any player could be the one to score, although there is some reliance on the teams stars especially in kicking the winning goals.
  • You don’t need to worry if you don’t get through the middle sticks for a full 6 point play, we’ll give you a point for your effort.
  • There are a few substitutes on the bench but the bulk of the team is playing on the field. In Australian business these are people hiding in the wings ready to jump in show they can fix someone elses problem and take some accolades.
  • When a scoring play is made there is some excitement and maybe a pat on the back (or the bum) but it is straight back to business to go again.

United States of America (I will leave the Canadians out of this) – American Football , or Gridiron some may know it, is the game we will consider here as a business culture metaphor. American business is like American Football in that:

  • They start out with a team of around 45 players suited up yet only 11 of them are on the field at any given time adding value.
  • They have a different group of team come on and do the work every time the direction changes. One group is responsible for scoring when in control of the ball (the situation). The other group is responsible for being roadblocks when things are not in the team’s control.
  • Forward movement is stopped after every few plays to have a meeting and figure out what happened and where to go next.
  • You need to get past the next milestone 10 yards away in order to get an opportunity to move forward again. If you don’t make that milestone, change the whole team, have a meeting and try to sabotage the other team that is now trying to hit their milestone.
  • They are very reliant on the star quarterback (and some of the running backs as well) to score.
  • If you score you also get a chance at a bonus.
  • Kickers are like consultants. No one on the core team likes them and they add value about as often as they miss the target.
  • They wear pads to limit risk. OK, I’m not sure how this relates to business but what sooks. Shin guards is the most you should need for any football game.
  • There are almost as many coaches and trainers (managers) as there are players.

Do you have any more examples for any of these? What about other business cultures around the world? Is doing business in India like a game of cricket?

YouTube Tuesday: Inline Skating Crossed With North Shore Mountain Bike

What do you get when you cross inline skating, Red Bull Crashed Ice and North Shore style mountain bike trails? The Couch Garden Crew Movie Project of course.

These Austrian inline skaters, and most likely ice hockey players, have taken inspiration from Red Bull’s Crashed Ice race series to create a course in the forest reminiscent of the North Shore trails originally scene in Canadian mountain biking. This movie project follows the crew from their inspiration through building the course, preparing custom rigging for the film and skating the roller coaster of wood. I wish I could have a roll on it, it looks like a lot of fun.

Theory Thursday: The Battle For The Best Artificial Surfing Wave

Wave pools. We’ve all seen them or even been in them at the big water parks. And while the waves that a typical wave pool generates are surfable they just aren’t that good. There are also standing waves that are generated by blasting water over a form but these do not allow for a standard surfboard with fins to be used.

Over the last few years there have been a few people trying to develop a better artificial wave for surfing that mimics a real wave. One technology comes out of Australia from Webber Wave Pools and another comes from Wavegarden. These are just two of several technologies that are emerging, but they appear to be two of the most viable and interesting. Continue reading →

Whacky Wednesday: Celebrity Bowling Trickshots

Here’s an old video I found in my YouTube favorites from Funny Or Die.

Theory Thursday: Parametric Surfboard Design And Manufacture

Being an NX CAD user with an interest in surfing (no, I can’t do it but I am interested in it) seeing this case study coming up in the Siemens YouTube channel piqued my interest. According to the video FireWire Surfboards has added a parametric customisation functions to their website that uses NX as a backbone for the 3D modelling of your custom stick. The company can then have the design sent straight to the factory for manufacturing on CNC machine centres.

I have attempted to give the custom board design application a try on a couple of occasions, once in Firefox and once in Chrome. So far I have had no luck making it work receiving different errors on both occasions. Let’s hope they get it sorted out because it is a very interesting use of a high-end CAD system to provide mass customisation. Imagine the bike industry harnessing this to tweak your bike frame based on your specific requirements.

Flickr Friday – Alana Blanchard’s Bottom Turn

The post title works on at least two levels! But seriously I wanted to go to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this year but it didn’t happen. Here’s an interesting picture from when the ASP toured down under this year taken at the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast.

Alana Blanchard Roxy Pro! Canon 1DX   600mm F4 Prime! Golden Girl & Gold Coast! Bottom Turn in Bikini Bottoms! Surf Girl Goddess Alana Blanchard!

What’s Going On – 3rd Edition

Well, I have managed to schedule a few posts as you may have seen. I have also updated my ‘About’ page per the Problogger Community challenge from last week, or perhaps it was the week before. I probably should post that to the Problogger Forums since it was part of a challenge.

Over on Loaded Trolley we’ve done a few posts in the last few weeks. In wandering around the Docklands and Ringwood Costco Warehouses there have been a number of what I call a ‘.97 Special‘ which has generate some posts. I also use that to drive a little bit of traffic to Loaded Trolley via OzBargain. There has been one troll on OzBargain that seems to be upset with me doing this but he is just a prolific poster who seems to have nothing better to do than post a comment on almost every deal.

I still have a mountain of data analysis to do for Loaded Trolley. We spent 12 weeks gathering comparative prices from Costco, Coles and Woolworths so it is time to slice that data up and get some results.

LivingRoomRaceway.com is still in its infancy but traffic is inching up each week especially with more posts. I am about to start on making some terrain for the modular micro RC track so there will be a lot of content soon. There is also one more flat track video to come to show the modularity of the system, I just need to shoot it!

It’s going to be a bit of a hectic couple of weeks for my family with a major sporting event looming. Once that is done some it will be time for more projects. I keep promising to myself I will get onto some light painting but so far no dice. And in the true Corey fashion I have five great new projects ideas and only one brain and body, or perhaps two, to consider working on them. I will add them to the list. Anyone want an idea to run with and develop? I have a bunch I cannot get to.

Oh, and in the midst of all this I am trying to watch all of the Detroit Red Wings playoffs games. It was a 5AM start this morning for game 2 only to see them lose 4-1 to Boston. I was so hopeful of two wins on the road after the first game with a 1-0 win over the Bruins. Well it’s 1 game a piece and they are are heading to Detroit and are still in it. Go Wings.


Unbreakable Ice Hockey Stick (Nearly)

If you’re an ice hockey or inline hockey player or fan you know that while composite sticks have advanced the game they also tend to break at the worst time. Many ‘goalie out of position’ one timers are not realised when the offensive player’s stick breaks like spaghetti and or goals are allowed in on power play defensive situations when a defense-man has to drop their broken stick.

Colt Hockey claim to have solved the problem by combining a nano-technology metal with a composite hockey stick to provide what they suggest is a breakthrough product. The new hockey stick is now available through Colt Hockey’s website for around US$270 (or perhaps Canadian dollars).

The video below shows the apparent strength of Colt Hockey’s new stick which has been tested by professional and amateur hockey players in its development. Colt Hockey says they have a short list of NHL players that want to try the stick too but making it onto the ice in an NHL game might be a while off while they make sure the new stick will meet NHL regulations.

Olympic Oath For Spectators

With the Olympics starting once again I realised that, despite my attempts otherwise, I will probably be glued to the TV for the next two weeks watching sports I wouldn’t normally care about for the other 1445 days in every four years. I realise that for the athletes and officials take the Olympic Oath, but what about those that are the real reason the Olympics exist, the spectators (or is the real reason the Olympics exist the sponsors?). For that reason, I have compiled an Olympic Oath for those of us that consider couch riding an official Olympic event.

In the name of all the spectators, I promise I shall watch these Olympic Games into the wee hours of the morning without knowing the rules which govern them but with the assistance of recreational chemicals should I see fit, and in true one eyed fashion, I will yell at my TV when my countryman is apparently done wrong by an official, and revel in the glory and honour of our teams since my fat butt has no chance of ever being part of one.

YouTube Favorite – Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul 2012

I would love to try and skate a Red Bull Crashed Ice course, but my skills on ice are lacking

Check out the latest installment in full (1.5hrs) from the 2012 season that took place in St Paul, Minnesota. There are more videos, including highlights, on various Red Bull YouTube accounts from other Crashed Ice seasons and races, just search YouTube. Also check out the Red Bull Crashed Ice website.