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Flickr Friday: Jesse’s Celica by Ben Hosking

Ben Hosking takes some great images mainly in the realm of automotive product. The is an awesome shot of a very nice ride.

Jesse's Toyotal Celica - Second Edit

Flickr Friday: Four Storms And A Twister

Here’s a picture from Flickr user JD Hancock that I added to my favorites a while ago. He calls is ‘Four Storms And A Twister’.

Four Storms And A Twister

Playing Catch-up: YouTube And Flickr

Apparently I had no posts this week…fail! Here’s a double or nothing special. Something from YouTube and something from Flickr.

First a little test video using a HobbyKing ‘Wing Camera’ that I will be using to do some race cam type videos for Living Room Raceway.

And from my Flickr Photostream some of my light painting as I promised a while ago. More light painting to come with as I make some light painting tools.

In The Zone

Flickr Friday – Taiwan Roundabout

Despite the obvious American influences they do have a penchant for roundabouts in Taiwan. This picture is in my Flickr favorites and the photographer is user ‘freedom791003‘.

"新竹之心" 東門圓環20130923

Flickr Friday – Depth Of Field

Here is one of my pictures from the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. It was shot at 70mm with an f2.8 aperture on my Canon 1D MK4 using a the 24-70 f2.8 L-Series Lens.

Outside the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Flickr Friday – Alana Blanchard’s Bottom Turn

The post title works on at least two levels! But seriously I wanted to go to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach this year but it didn’t happen. Here’s an interesting picture from when the ASP toured down under this year taken at the Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast.

Alana Blanchard Roxy Pro! Canon 1DX   600mm F4 Prime! Golden Girl & Gold Coast! Bottom Turn in Bikini Bottoms! Surf Girl Goddess Alana Blanchard!

Flickr Friday – Taiwan Street Food

Another image from my last trip to Taiwan. This street front eatery was quite busy on the Sunday I was wandering around Tainan. I guess the food must be good.

Street Food, Tainan, Taiwan

Flickr Friday – Wormhole

Here is a picture from my favorites by Stephen Humpleby. This one is a Wormhole looking thing that has been light painted. I think I know how this was done so I want to give it a go myself.


Flickr Friday – Back In Taiwan

Here is another picture from my last trip to Taiwan. There are paper lanterns everywhere in the lead up to a holiday in Taiwan and the Autumn Moon Festival was right around the corner on my last trip. I found this one hanging in a string of paper lanterns down an alley.

I was messing around with the clarity slider on this photo as I normally turn the clarity up a little, or a lot in some cases. On this image I dropped the clarity right off to -100 because I liked the effect it had.

Random Paper Lantern, Tainan, Taiwan

Flickr Friday – My Light Painting First Attempt

I have noted in a couple of posts I have an interest in light painting. Sometime last year I did have a go after being inspired by some light painting spirography I saw on Digital Photography School (there’s Darren Rowse with the inspire part of his mantra again…it really does work). Here are a couple of the pictures I took.

Light Paint Spirography

Light Paint Spirography