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Flickr Friday: Light Painting With A Mobile Phone

Here is a light painting trial I captured by using an image on my mobile phone screen as a direct light source. I used Autodesk Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to create a simple image of blocks in red, green and blue. Running the Canon 1D4 on bulb with the Canon 24-70mm F2.8L lens I used an f18 aperture at 34mm focal length and this image was created with a 93 second shutter time.

The colors turned out a little odd in this one but it was a first test. There are some later images on my Flickr photostream where I used lighter shades of the colors that looks more vibrant. My intent is to add this technique into images with a subject or even add some dynamic mechanical system to create some interest and order to the picture.

Celly/Mobile Light

Flickr Friday: Blue Vortex

Here is a light painting image I made a few weeks ago I call ‘Blue Vortex’. I used a string of blue LEDs in two ways to make this image.

Blue Vortex

YouTube Tuesday: Jim Carrey

This is just an excerpt from a longer address speech Jim Carrey gave at the Marharishi University.

What’s Going On – 3rd Edition

Well, I have managed to schedule a few posts as you may have seen. I have also updated my ‘About’ page per the Problogger Community challenge from last week, or perhaps it was the week before. I probably should post that to the Problogger Forums since it was part of a challenge.

Over on Loaded Trolley we’ve done a few posts in the last few weeks. In wandering around the Docklands and Ringwood Costco Warehouses there have been a number of what I call a ‘.97 Special‘ which has generate some posts. I also use that to drive a little bit of traffic to Loaded Trolley via OzBargain. There has been one troll on OzBargain that seems to be upset with me doing this but he is just a prolific poster who seems to have nothing better to do than post a comment on almost every deal.

I still have a mountain of data analysis to do for Loaded Trolley. We spent 12 weeks gathering comparative prices from Costco, Coles and Woolworths so it is time to slice that data up and get some results.

LivingRoomRaceway.com is still in its infancy but traffic is inching up each week especially with more posts. I am about to start on making some terrain for the modular micro RC track so there will be a lot of content soon. There is also one more flat track video to come to show the modularity of the system, I just need to shoot it!

It’s going to be a bit of a hectic couple of weeks for my family with a major sporting event looming. Once that is done some it will be time for more projects. I keep promising to myself I will get onto some light painting but so far no dice. And in the true Corey fashion I have five great new projects ideas and only one brain and body, or perhaps two, to consider working on them. I will add them to the list. Anyone want an idea to run with and develop? I have a bunch I cannot get to.

Oh, and in the midst of all this I am trying to watch all of the Detroit Red Wings playoffs games. It was a 5AM start this morning for game 2 only to see them lose 4-1 to Boston. I was so hopeful of two wins on the road after the first game with a 1-0 win over the Bruins. Well it’s 1 game a piece and they are are heading to Detroit and are still in it. Go Wings.


What’s Going On – 2nd Edition

Once again I have neglected my personal blog lately. I really have no excuse since I have a post calendar and easy content embeds in WordPress that should make writing quick posts and managing a blog quite simple. I will try harder and I have already started scheduling a few posts for later this week. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Over on Loaded Trolley we have been under the pump gathering data for a 12 week price survey. That has really slowed down generating content but we are somewhat back onboard to get some more posts up over there. Loaded Trolley is the project with the most traffic I have at the moment and I like the challenge it presents but it can be draining sometimes.

Rightly or wrongly I have started another blog called LivingRoomRaceway.com. It all started when I had this idea in my head about building a modular race track for my Losi Micro Desert Truck and other ‘micro’ scale RC cars. I toyed with putting the build on this blog but I really felt it needed its own platform. I only envisage it being a project that runs 6 to 9 months for the bulk of the work with occasional updates after that but I will see where it takes me.

And finally the last time a wrote a ‘What’s Going On’ post I mentioned doing some light painting. I did do a little and that is a topic for another post but I have bigger plans going forward for that…yes, another project to neglect in the fullness of time. I have finally gotten my camera back from being checked and serviced so I hope to get into that more light painting now daylight savings is over.

And now for my new oath. I do solemnly swear I will not neglect any of my projects I am working on. My health on the other hand could go either way, but if I can continue to ride to work twice a week and play inline hockey twice a week it might be in with a chance.

What’s Going On

It’s been a while since I posted here. I had planned to at the very least set a weekly auto post of a video from my YouTube favorites list but I haven’t even got there yet.

Apart from that, I keep plugging away at my other web project, Loaded Trolley. That one is holding fairly steady with traffic even though the last month or two were somewhat lacking in content being added. I will be interested to see what happens with traffic to Loaded Trolley when the Ringwood Costco Warehouse opens in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs.

Something that is not so good for me at the moment lack of time I sem to have for my photography. I have not shot many frames in the last year and with so much going on I guess something had to hit the back burner. What I have been planning on doing is light painting photography. A few months ago (OK, it was almost six months ago) I bought some interesting bits and pieces for light painting, but I am still yet to really give that a go. My target is to try one light painting photography shot by the end of this week.

I have also bought a timer remote for my Canon 1D so I am hoping to have a go at some time lapse photography. The biggest problem is that time lapse really does take a lot of time both to shoot and in post processing and I really feel time poor right now.

On the photography front, I posted some time go about attempting to get into microstock. I still have the same small batch of photos up with three agencies – iStockphoto, Dreamstime and Fotolia. iStockphoto and Dreamstime have done a whopping $40 each on 13 and 19 photos respectively in what is nearly two years now. Fotolia is about half that. I might give that another go and focus on those two former agencies and drop Fotolia. Perhaps I should also give Shutterstock another go.

I have rejoined the local library system again and that is helping me find inspiration for photography. I currently have a couple of Scott Kelby’s books out on Photoshop and Lightroom so I will work my way through them. I have also loaned some books on driving website traffic and improving my Google rank, so let’s see how that goes.

One of the other books I am reading is by Blake Beattie on achieving goals. Whilst I find Blake’s book, ‘Bullseye!: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Your Goals‘ a little to happy or uplifting for my frame of mind, I guess that is what you have to be in his line of business. I think I prefer things a little dryer and more technical. Perhaps that is part of my problem, as well as too much cynicism and not enough positiveness. Oh well, maybe time for a new tack on that front.

Anyway, you lot should keep me in check on getting that light painting and time lapse stuff done. If I haven’t posted any either here or on my Flickr in the next few weeks, give me a rev up here or on Facebook. Oh, Facebook….I probably didn’t get to light painting because I was spending too much time on Facebook just waiting for other people’s boring status updates. Time to put a stop to that.

Until next time (and given my form, that could be six months or more away), STAY FROSTY.

Back to the Blogosphere

OK it’s been a while since I have worked on my web presence and in that time my blog was hacked and it appears it was redirecting all my traffic on all my sites to some dodgy Russian site. It took me a while to figure it out and I hope it nothing malicious happened to anyone’s computer that attempted to view my sites.

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