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YouTube Tuesday – Newsroom Rapper’s Delight

Jimmy Fallon’s editing team must have had a crazy time putting this together. NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps The Sugar Hill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight”

Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

OK, the FaceBook app for WordPress is rubbish, so here is a post the is primarily to try a different option. Oh, and the track and film clip are funny too…

YouTube Favorite – Jimmy Kimmel and Bad Christmas Presents

I have just added a FaceBook publishing plugin, so I guess I should post something to test it. If it work, I will use it on Loaded Trolley which, by the way, is live now.

Olympic Oath For Spectators

With the Olympics starting once again I realised that, despite my attempts otherwise, I will probably be glued to the TV for the next two weeks watching sports I wouldn’t normally care about for the other 1445 days in every four years. I realise that for the athletes and officials take the Olympic Oath, but what about those that are the real reason the Olympics exist, the spectators (or is the real reason the Olympics exist the sponsors?). For that reason, I have compiled an Olympic Oath for those of us that consider couch riding an official Olympic event.

In the name of all the spectators, I promise I shall watch these Olympic Games into the wee hours of the morning without knowing the rules which govern them but with the assistance of recreational chemicals should I see fit, and in true one eyed fashion, I will yell at my TV when my countryman is apparently done wrong by an official, and revel in the glory and honour of our teams since my fat butt has no chance of ever being part of one.

Totes Amazeballs – Jonathan Holmes on MediaWatch

On MediaWatch episode 23 2012, Jonathan Holmes came out with a pearler of a comment when pointing out the errors of Triple J’s ways on a particular matter. After cutting away from a film clip that was part of the Holmes’ report, he came back with, “Totes Amazeballs, hey”. That, to me, is gold.

I have now seen a terrible ‘remix’ pop up on YouTube so I think someone out there needs to do something with the sound bite. Maybe a dubstep remix is in order. Does anyone have a line in to Skrillex?

If you have the skills to make the sound bite into something more interesting, I have the clip right here (link below) for you to download it. When you make something from it, post it somewhere on the interwebs (available on computers now) and drop a link to your remix in the comments.

Jonathan Holmes Mediawatch – Totes Amazeballs

Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 4

Check out this first glimpse of Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 4 dubbed ‘Plastic Ops’….

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Pre-release image

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Pre-release image

 Just kidding!

I made this little mock-up as part of a Christmas present for someone who wanted Call of Duty MW3. I put the game is the bottom of a larger box and filled it with packing peanuts. This was in the box at the top so it was the first things the gift receiver saw when opening the present. I guess I could have timed this better and gotten these pics out of April 1st, but time got away from me.

For the record, I have never played any COD games nor do I have any interest in playing any COD games. I may be a nerd, but I am not that kind of nerd. Maybe that means I am not such a nerd….or not.

The Dirty Underwear Dilemma

Once again it has been a while since I have been here. Good thing I don’t have any fans.

I have been left at home alone for the week to fend for myself whilst the chef/housekeeper/dog walker/drink wench/entertainment has taken the child to Cairns for BMX nationals. Now this has left me with a dilemma when I looked in my underwear drawer this morning. I currently appear to have 5 days worth of underwear to last 9 days.

So I brainstormed up a few potential solutions and threw together an options matrix (sorry, no 5-phase on this one 😉 ).If you are having trouble reading the options matrix, click here to see a larger version. My ‘Big-3’ metrics on this issue are;

  • Cost – what will the impact be to my bank account considering the potential nett upside/downside
  • Time – how much time could be lost or saved
  • Quality – will the result have a potential positive or negative outcome

My assessment is based on a basic red/yellow/green status being applied to the options based on my own judgement. For those that don’t grasp the R/Y/G status, red means I judge the option as being poor for achieving the metric, green is good and yellow is in the middle somewhere.  If you don’t agree with the R/Y/G status applied or the comments I have made for the option vs. the metric, feel free to make a comment on this post below.

I now ask you, the public, to assist in determining the best course of action going forward. Please review the options matrix below and select the best option in the poll. And do it quickly or you may encounter me later in the week having chosen a weak option of my own volition.

The Dirty Underwear Dilemma
Options Matrix

My YouTube Favorites – An Engineer’s Guide To Cats

I have two cats, so they are friends! One is medium to large, the other is compact, but they are similar ratios.

I am fairly sure their hobbies are lounging around and bird watching. The big one is not very good at the ‘I’m not paying attention to you’ game, but the little one is. Corporal cuddling only seems to results in drawing blood.

Kitty Got Mad Skills

I LOLed when I saw this at the end of today’s DJ Kitteh video on Ican has cheezburger.

I’ve run out of Monday Funnies

Quick…break glass in case of emergency…


I was pointed in the direction of 27b/6 by the boss (the one from home, not work) and the very first post I read cracked me up. Then I read a few more and I was in hysterics. There are quite a few to get through, so this should keep me going for a few weeks. Let me know which is your favorite.