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Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 4

Check out this first glimpse of Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 4 dubbed ‘Plastic Ops’….

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Pre-release image

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 MW4 Pre-release image

 Just kidding!

I made this little mock-up as part of a Christmas present for someone who wanted Call of Duty MW3. I put the game is the bottom of a larger box and filled it with packing peanuts. This was in the box at the top so it was the first things the gift receiver saw when opening the present. I guess I could have timed this better and gotten these pics out of April 1st, but time got away from me.

For the record, I have never played any COD games nor do I have any interest in playing any COD games. I may be a nerd, but I am not that kind of nerd. Maybe that means I am not such a nerd….or not.

FreeRider 2 – Blue Cow Rumpage

With a bit of time off work, I thought I would have another crack at a FreeRider 2 track. My previous track was the Park Orchards BMX Track (which was before the latest track changes) which was obviously aimed at using the BMX bike. This time I have recreated a ‘Red Bull Rampage’ type track that is aimed at using the mountain bike. I have called the track the ‘Blue Cow Rumpage’…you know, copyright issues and all. The code for the track is quoted at the bottom of this blog post. Continue reading →

FreeRider 2 and the Park Orchards BMX Track

You may have thought this was going to be people cutting sick on long travel MTBs at Park Orchards, but it’s not.

I came across this little flash game called FreeRider 2 via the Farkin forums (the regulars were complaining about a long thread of codes for it). It’s pretty simple…you draw side-scrolling 2D tracks or get other people’s code for them and then ride them on a bike or a number of other vehicles.

The controls are simple; up arrow to accelerate; down arrow to brake; left/right arrows to lean forwards/backwards for balance; Z to turn around; ENTER to start again. Added to that, you draw tracks using the tools on the fly-out menu on the left hand side. On the right hand menu, there is a way to save your creations and load others. There is also a button to change your vehicle. Continue reading →