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Theory Thursday: How A Diff Works

Yes I am a mechanical engineer, I do work for an automotive company and I do understand why cars have differentials. However I never fully understood the fundamentals of a diff’s operation until I saw this video.

Flickr Friday: Jesse’s Celica by Ben Hosking

Ben Hosking takes some great images mainly in the realm of automotive product. The is an awesome shot of a very nice ride.

Jesse's Toyotal Celica - Second Edit

2009 Melbourne Motorshow “Benchmarking”

I was in Detroit last year when the famous Detroit Motor Show was on. It was a great motor show, but there was not a great deal of benchmarking that could be done. So I have compiled some benchmarking data at this year’s Melbourne Motor Show to share around the world, especially for those looking for some decent to look at in Detroit.

Maybe I will get to go to a European motor show in the future and do some real benchmarking.

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