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A Flickr Favorite – Taipei 101 by yameme

This is a very cool shot of Taipei 101 taken in the evening by Flickr user yameme. I found this shot while looking at picture of Taiwan on Flickr (I have been their once and enjoyed my time there) and was amazed by the color and vibrancy shown. The body of work from yameme also has many other shots from Taipei, Taiwan and east Asia which are all excellent. Check out his (or her) Flickr photostream for more.

台北夜 Taipei 101, Taipei


Hip-Hop Culture – Graffiti

Often when people think of Hip-Hop, what comes to mind is crap mainstream rap music that barely has a shred of relevance to the culture that is Hip-Hop. Well, Hip-Hop is not just making MTV videos for millions of dollars so P. Diddy can sell his Sean John clothes and drive a Hummer. Real Hip-Hop culture is about the four elements – rapping; DJing; B-boying; and graffiti.

So, as a brief education in Hip-Hop culture, my next few video of the week posts will be focused on the four elements of Hip-Hop. The first one is of Pose and Ewok ‘dropping a burner’ (no, this is not something you do in the toilet after a vindaloo). The finished piece is a phenomenal artwork that just makes you go ‘WOW’. You can see more pictures of this piece as well as more graffiti at Known Gallery.

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