I am;

  • a mechanical engineer by day
  • a photographer by night, weekend, public holiday, RDO, sick day
  • an internerd
  • an inline skater that dislikes lycra as outerwear but likes carbon in hockey sticks
  • a cyclist who prefers to stay off roads and on dirt…although I have been commuting recently do have a thing for watching Le Tour
  • former President of the Park Orchards BMX Club
  • in need of sleep
  • a Red Wings fan
  • a Melbourne Storm fan
  • a Scott Adams fan, and not just Dilbert but also his writing
  • Corey Gibson

Other Projects

Here are a couple of other projects of mine.

Loaded Trolley – A Costco Australia Fan Blog

LivingRoomRaceway.com – Micro RC Racing At Home

For enquiries (more information, photo enquiries, my address so you can stalk me), contact me at inlina@inlina.com