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Today I am officially launching my new web project ‘’. The fundamental goal of the site is to explore manufacturing processes and technology with the reader learning along with me.

Some people may ask why I am doing this so I will start with the back story. In my current role as a design engineer I was presented with an issue by a supplier. My latest part design had an impact on an injection molding tunnel gate in their tool design. I didn’t have a lot to go on from their feedback so I asked a colleague who had some expertise in tooling design for some guidance. It didn’t yield much help so I turned to the internet for help to understand the gating problem.

A search on Google turned up a wide array of links and, more interestingly, a link to a YouTube video. Being a learner who likes the visual medium a video was my first port of call. The first post on the site actually shows the video I found of a tunnel gate. It helped me visualise the problem and work around the tool design.

I realised there were many more videos on the web that could help me understand a range of manufacturing processes that may help me as a design engineer as well as other resources for design and manufacturing professionals on the internet. Given that my role in the Australian Automotive Industry is coming to an end soon,  I wanted to extend my understanding of manufacturing processes. I am aware that future roles as a design or project management professional may require understanding technologies beyond those I have been exposed to in my automotive career.

Since scouring the internet for information was helping me extend my understanding of manufacturing processes I thought there would be other professionals that could also learn from the best of what I had discovered. I decided to create to filter and aggregate the best information I came across for manufacturing processes that helped me understand how things could be made. In doing this I hope I can help other people involved in product development by ‘playing along at home’.

The website is in it’s infancy so at the moment it is mostly aggregating videos. As I discover more I will extend the range of the site. There are many possible directions for the site to take as it evolves. I hope one day I can partner with some manufacturers and innovators to share some of their existing knowledge, generate some new content, share new technology or even produce some exclusive process videos.

So whether you are an engineer, a designer, an architect, a business development manager, a procurement specialist, an entrepreneur or an inventor I hope my daily dose of learning resource can help you on your mission. So dive right in and subscribe to get updates from my project or connect with me on LinkedIn to see the latest posts in your feed. If you have any interesting manufacturing process learning resources I am also open to submissions.


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