Theory Thursday: Parametric Surfboard Design And Manufacture

Being an NX CAD user with an interest in surfing (no, I can’t do it but I am interested in it) seeing this case study coming up in the Siemens YouTube channel piqued my interest. According to the video FireWire Surfboards has added a parametric customisation functions to their website that uses NX as a backbone for the 3D modelling of your custom stick. The company can then have the design sent straight to the factory for manufacturing on CNC machine centres.

I have attempted to give the custom board design application a try on a couple of occasions, once in Firefox and once in Chrome. So far I have had no luck making it work receiving different errors on both occasions. Let’s hope they get it sorted out because it is a very interesting use of a high-end CAD system to provide mass customisation. Imagine the bike industry harnessing this to tweak your bike frame based on your specific requirements.


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