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Theory Thursday: Some Of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

The ProBlogger Event in less than a month so let’s talk WordPress. I now have four websites of my own running WordPress as the content management system along with a few others I have developed for other people and some more of my own sites in the pipeline. Finding good plugins to do certain jobs can life a lot easier. Here is a list of some of my favorite stand alone plugins.

  • Akismet – this one comes installed with WordPress and is great for comment spam handling. You do need to set up and Akismet account to use it and a personal account is free.
  • Google Analytics For WordPress – I have messed around with a few Google Analytics plugins for WordPress and this is my favorite. It seems to be reliable and roughly correlates to what Google Adsense says my traffic is.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – A simple site map creator so Google and others can see all your content easily.
  • TinyMCE Spellcheck – A basic spellchecker for the TinyMCE editor.
  • WordPress Editorial Calender – Great if your want to see how your days have been or will be covered with posts. Has been a little buggy recently so I need to see if that is ironed out.
  • Add Link To Facebook – I had been using WordBooker but support stopped for it due to some changes at Facebook. This is the best replacement I have found so far but it only allows you to post to one page or feed where WordBooker worked for two as standard. You can pay for it to allow you to post to extra pages though.
  • Quick Cache – One of the simpler cache plugins to use for WordPress and it seems to work well.

There are a number of other plugins I use depending on the website but those above are plugins I have installed on multiple WordPress sites.

I also noted that these are some standalone plugins I use. With one of my newer sites I had Jetpack installed as part of the install package my host provides. Jetpack is really a suite of many other plugins in one tidy package. You can turn each of the sub-plugins on or off and many of them have their own configuration. It does require a WordPress.com account for Jetpack to work.

Being new to Jetpack I am yet to unleash its full potential but I see that some of the elements in it have the ability to replace some of the standalone plugins I use. I may report back more once I figure out the Jetpack plugin suite.


Whacky Wednesday: Star Wars Blooper Reel

If you’re a Star Wars nerd you know about a Storm Trooper hits his head on the Millennium Falcon door in the movie release. If you’re a super Star Wars nerd you will have also seen this blooper reel so you can stop looking at this post now.

For the rest of you this is worth a watch if you know anything about Star Wars. If you know nothing about Star Wars you are probably in the wrong corner of the internet.

YouTube Tuesday: Inline Skating Crossed With North Shore Mountain Bike

What do you get when you cross inline skating, Red Bull Crashed Ice and North Shore style mountain bike trails? The Couch Garden Crew Movie Project of course.

These Austrian inline skaters, and most likely ice hockey players, have taken inspiration from Red Bull’s Crashed Ice race series to create a course in the forest reminiscent of the North Shore trails originally scene in Canadian mountain biking. This movie project follows the crew from their inspiration through building the course, preparing custom rigging for the film and skating the roller coaster of wood. I wish I could have a roll on it, it looks like a lot of fun.

Musical Monday: Philadelphia Grand Jury – 99 Problems Cover

Here is an old Triple J ‘Like A Version’ from 2009 of Philadelphia Grand Jury covering Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’.

Flickr Friday: Melbourne Docklands Winter Fireworks

Here is a shot of the Docklands Winter Fireworks the City of Melbourne is putting on every Friday night until the end of August. You can see more in the ‘My Melbourne’ album I have on Flickr.

Docklands Winter Fireworks 11th July 2014

Theory Thursday: The Battle For The Best Artificial Surfing Wave

Wave pools. We’ve all seen them or even been in them at the big water parks. And while the waves that a typical wave pool generates are surfable they just aren’t that good. There are also standing waves that are generated by blasting water over a form but these do not allow for a standard surfboard with fins to be used.

Over the last few years there have been a few people trying to develop a better artificial wave for surfing that mimics a real wave. One technology comes out of Australia from Webber Wave Pools and another comes from Wavegarden. These are just two of several technologies that are emerging, but they appear to be two of the most viable and interesting. Continue reading →

Whacky Wednesday: Celebrity Bowling Trickshots

Here’s an old video I found in my YouTube favorites from Funny Or Die.

YouTube Tuesday: Casey Neistat At A Crazy German Water Park

Casey Neistat, along with his son Owen, head to a German Water Park housed in a giant aircraft hangar style building.

You know what I find most fascinating about this video, you can do almost anything you want on the slides at this park. You can go down a slide with two or more people, go down with or without an inflatable, go head first or, apparently, wander in at night.

Oh, and I am fascinated by the simple slide at 1:10. Where are these basic slides at Australian water parks? We have too much emphasis on bigger and faster when sometimes you just want to go head first in the pool.

Musical Monday: Cut Chemist – Old School Hip-Hop Mixtape

Oh my what you can find on Soundcloud. Here’s a rad, old school hip-hop mix tape from Cut Chemist.

A Post About A Quadcycle To Disguise A Plug-In Test

Here is a video of a full suspension quadcycle.

But I really just made this post to test a WordPress plugin.