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Musical Monday: Flight Facilities Decades Mixtape

Last year Flight Facilities put together a series of four mix tapes for Triple J’s Mix-Up Exclusives. It was an interesting musical trip through four decades of music from 1972 to 2012. Have a listen to all of them in a row if you have 4 hours of aural time to spare.

Parking Your Melbourne Bikeshare Bike

I probably shared this here before but this post is to test a new plugin for WordPress. I had a problem where the plugin I was using, Wordbooker, ceased to exist. So here is a test of a new ‘WordPress To Facebook’ plugin, the name of which escapes me (and I could click on my plugins list but I just want this post done).

A Week Of Inlina In Review

This is the first week I have really attempted to have a post on this blog every weekday. As you can see I have decided to theme my days to give me something to work to. Since this blog is really about nothing and simply exists for my own entertainment I have tried to keep the themes as generic as possible. I still want them to provide me with some guidance as to the kinds of things to post and they may get redeveloped in the fullness of time (honestly…Whacky Wednesday was to best I could do).

If you want to some of my current work that has a more specific intent then check out Loaded Trolley and Living Room Raceway. There may also be a few more sites of mine in the future.

Flickr Friday: Blue Vortex

Here is a light painting image I made a few weeks ago I call ‘Blue Vortex’. I used a string of blue LEDs in two ways to make this image.

Blue Vortex

Theory Thursday: Turtablism Sctratching With A Digital Vinyl System

It’s nice when YouTube gives you suggestions based on things you’ve been looking for. Studio Scratches has a whole host of lessons for the budding turntablist including a quick run down on using a Digital Vinyl System (DVS). Now I just need a Rane Sixty-Two and some turntables.

Whacky Wednesday: A Bad/Dad Joke

OK, I stole this one from Dad Jokes on Facebook.

I always keep an empty milk carton in the fridge, just in case anyone wants black coffee.

YouTube Tuesday: Jim Carrey

This is just an excerpt from a longer address speech Jim Carrey gave at the Marharishi University.

Musical Monday: Mixmaster Mike Opening For the Beastie Boys

Here is a video of Mix Master Mike’s opening for the Beastie Boys. I did go to a concert in the time MMM was DJing for the Beastie Boys. It was awesome! That is all.

Flickr Friday: Jesse’s Celica by Ben Hosking

Ben Hosking takes some great images mainly in the realm of automotive product. The is an awesome shot of a very nice ride.

Jesse's Toyotal Celica - Second Edit

YouTube Tuesday: The Expert

Been here, enough said.