Totes Amazeballs – Jonathan Holmes on MediaWatch

On MediaWatch episode 23 2012, Jonathan Holmes came out with a pearler of a comment when pointing out the errors of Triple J’s ways on a particular matter. After cutting away from a film clip that was part of the Holmes’ report, he came back with, “Totes Amazeballs, hey”. That, to me, is gold.

I have now seen a terrible ‘remix’ pop up on YouTube so I think someone out there needs to do something with the sound bite. Maybe a dubstep remix is in order. Does anyone have a line in to Skrillex?

If you have the skills to make the sound bite into something more interesting, I have the clip right here (link below) for you to download it. When you make something from it, post it somewhere on the interwebs (available on computers now) and drop a link to your remix in the comments.

Jonathan Holmes Mediawatch – Totes Amazeballs


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