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Olympic Oath For Spectators

With the Olympics starting once again I realised that, despite my attempts otherwise, I will probably be glued to the TV for the next two weeks watching sports I wouldn’t normally care about for the other 1445 days in every four years. I realise that for the athletes and officials take the Olympic Oath, but what about those that are the real reason the Olympics exist, the spectators (or is the real reason the Olympics exist the sponsors?). For that reason, I have compiled an Olympic Oath for those of us that consider couch riding an official Olympic event.

In the name of all the spectators, I promise I shall watch these Olympic Games into the wee hours of the morning without knowing the rules which govern them but with the assistance of recreational chemicals should I see fit, and in true one eyed fashion, I will yell at my TV when my countryman is apparently done wrong by an official, and revel in the glory and honour of our teams since my fat butt has no chance of ever being part of one.

Totes Amazeballs – Jonathan Holmes on MediaWatch

On MediaWatch episode 23 2012, Jonathan Holmes came out with a pearler of a comment when pointing out the errors of Triple J’s ways on a particular matter. After cutting away from a film clip that was part of the Holmes’ report, he came back with, “Totes Amazeballs, hey”. That, to me, is gold.

I have now seen a terrible ‘remix’ pop up on YouTube so I think someone out there needs to do something with the sound bite. Maybe a dubstep remix is in order. Does anyone have a line in to Skrillex?

If you have the skills to make the sound bite into something more interesting, I have the clip right here (link below) for you to download it. When you make something from it, post it somewhere on the interwebs (available on computers now) and drop a link to your remix in the comments.

Jonathan Holmes Mediawatch – Totes Amazeballs