FreeRider 2 – Blue Cow Rumpage

With a bit of time off work, I thought I would have another crack at a FreeRider 2 track. My previous track was the Park Orchards BMX Track (which was before the latest track changes) which was obviously aimed at using the BMX bike. This time I have recreated a ‘Red Bull Rampage’ type track that is aimed at using the mountain bike. I have called the track the ‘Blue Cow Rumpage’…you know, copyright issues and all. The code for the track is quoted at the bottom of this blog post.

There are 15 Goal Stars along the track, so you need to collect all of them in order to finish the track and register a time. Have fun and let me know how you go in the comments. My best time so far has been about 65.6 seconds.

You can play along at home either using the embedded version of FreeRider 2 below, download FreeRider 2 from or right-click and ‘Save Target As’ on this link to the SWF file.


-18 1i 18 1i a 26 -k 1i -18 26 -1s 1i -2q 26 -26 u -2q 0 -2q 26 18 26 18 1i,-18 1i -26 1i -26 0 -2q u -1s 26 -18 1i -k 26 a 1i 18 26,-26 0 -2q 0,ak 68 aa 76 a 3e,u 2g a 3e,ak 68 u 2g aa 76,ak 68 a 3e,bp 87 b9 7o ao 7g ab 7f,a9 7f 9l 7i 8v 7t 85 8u 7g ak,bp 87 dt af ge co,gd co ha d9 in dn k4 dt m4 dt si dn tl di up d7 101 cd 10j bo 10v be,10v bd 11d b9 11t bd 125 bk 12h cj,12g ci 12m d4,12m bs 172 bs 1b4 d4 1fg d4 1i0 c6 1ji ak,172 bs 16o cg,1b4 d4 1b4 e2 1fg e2 1ia d4 1k6 b8 1ji ak,1b4 e2 16o cg,1fg e2 1fg d4,1ia d4 1i0 c6,12m bs 12m cg 16o cg,1k5 bs 1kf bm 1ks bj 1lg bk 1m6 bt 1mu cc 1nm d4 1s1 g6 1sn gf,1sn ge 1tk gk,1tk gj 1uv gn 20h gm 21g gi 22e g8 23b g1 243 g0 24s g2 25n gb 26h gt 277 hm 287 j6 294 ka 2a7 l7 2bm m1 2d3 mc 2em mh 2gh mg 2ie m3 2kg kv 2lt jp 2nd i5 2nn hv 2o2 hs 2oe hs 2om hv 2p0 i9 2p5 im 2p7 jd 2p8 l7 2p8 m6,2pc m6 2qu m6 3a8 m6 3b6 m6 3b6 jm 3b9 jb 3bf j4 3bn j0 3c2 iv 3ca j0 3cu ja 3ej kg 3l5 oa 3mr p4 3on pm 3r1 q0 3t5 q2 3uj pu 402 ph 41e om 43a ms 43l mk 444 mg 44g mg 44n mi 451 mq 458 n6 45a ng 45a pf,2qu m6 2qu h6 3a8 h6,3a8 m6 3a8 h6,45o m6 45o n4 4d8 n4 4hu mg 4ke l8 4ma j2 4lm ie,4d8 n4 4d8 m6 4hk li 4k4 ka 4lm ie,4d8 m6 45o m6,4hu mg 4hk li,4ke l8 4k4 ka,4ni io 4ni jc 50a jc 50a io,4ni io 50a io,500 k0 55k o2 5bi se 5au tc 4vc ku 500 k0,5b8 tm 5ka 106 5k0 114 5au uk 5b8 tm,5kk 11e 622 11e 622 12c 5kk 12c 5kk 11e,61d 131 61s 131 627 133 634 13g 63p 142,63o 142 6hs 1gk,6hs 1gj 6j2 1hd 6l0 1i4 6mi 1id 6oo 1ig 6q5 1ig,6q5 1if 75i 1if,75i 1ie 770 1ib 78j 1hs 79t 1h2 7b6 1fl 7cc 1e1 7d3 1cf 7dc 1bh 7di 1b7 7dr 1b0 7e5 1b0 7ej 1b4,7el 1b6 7eo 1bc,7eo 1bd 7eo 1bh,7ee 1aq 7pm 1aq,7ee 1aq 7ee 1a6 7pm 1a6 7pm 1aq,7oe 1b4 7oe 1le 7oe 21k 7oe 27i,7oe 1b4 7or 1b3 7p5 1b4 7pk 1b9 7pp 1bj 7ps 1c9 7pk 1co,7pj 1cl 7pk 1d9 7pq 1de 7q3 1ea 7ps 1er 7q4 1fd 7qf 1fb 7qq 1ff 7qs 1fq 7qp 1g8 7qi 1ge 7q5 1gn 7q3 1h0,7pj 1cn 7pb 1cj,7pj 1d7 7p9 1d6,7pr 1eq 7pg 1et,7q4 1gn 7pq 1gl,7q3 1fd 7ps 1fj,7q2 1h0 7q4 1ha 7qb 1ho 7qo 1i1 7qt 1i9 7re 1i5 7rm 1ic 7rs 1iq,7qs 1i9 7qk 1ig,7rs 1ir 7rq 1j6 7ri 1ji 7ri 1jt 7r7 1k6 7rf 1kk,7rg 1jh 7r4 1jh,7rg 1jg 7rl 1jc,7r6 1k7 7qt 1k3,7rg 1kj 7rb 1l8 7s5 1l2,7ra 1l7 7qo 1l3,7s4 1l3 7se 1l9 7sg 1lm 7s9 1m5,7s8 1m5 7ri 1mb,7sa 1m5 7sp 1me 7st 1mq 7t5 1mr,7sr 1mq 7sm 1ms,7t4 1mr 7tj 1n5,7sl 1ms 7sd 1n6,7tk 1n5 7u0 1ni 7u0 1nt 7td 1o0,7ti 1n5 7ti 1nk,7u1 1ns 7uc 1o5 7v0 1o8 7ve 1oi,7uc 1o5 7ts 1og,7ve 1oj 7vi 1p0,7vi 1p2 7va 1pl,7vj 1p0 80a 1p3 811 1pn,811 1pp 811 1qo,812 1pp 829 1qh,82a 1qh 838 1rd,82a 1qj 82c 1r8,835 1ra 82s 1sa 832 1sm,838 1re 84b 1sn,84b 1sm 84h 1t9,84h 1ta 84c 1u0,84g 1t6 866 1uc,866 1ud 86a 1v3 861 1vj,84b 1u0 83s 1u5,84c 1u1 84g 1ud,82c 1r9 826 1ro,810 1qo 80l 1r7,7vb 1pl 7vb 1pt,7ts 1of 7tp 1ou,7tc 1o0 7s6 1nj,86b 1v1 881 20f,881 20e 8gc 25q 8kr 285 8od 29h 8rh 2a5 8ss 2aa 8ua 2ac 8vn 2ac 90g 2a8 917 29v 920 29e 92l 28p 93d 27s 93k 27n 93s 27l 941 27m 947 27q 94d 281 94g 28a 94k 28h 94t 28m 95d 28s,95d 28r 95l 28t 964 28s,963 28r 96d 28n 96o 28g 973 28h 976 28l 97g 28h 97k 28n,976 28l 976 28s,97g 28g 97m 289 984 289 98c 28h 98o 28g 98o 28o,98o 28g 993 289 999 287 99j 289 99o 28g 99p 28n 99n 28s,99o 28g 9a6 28j 9aj 28h 9b0 28a 9be 287 9bd 28e,9be 287 9bm 281,98c 28i 98a 28p,9bn 281 9c2 27v,9c3 27v 9cd 280,9ce 280 9cm 287 9d2 283 9d7 27s,9bd 28f 9bi 28p,9cl 287 9cl 28g,9d3 284 9d6 28e,9d7 27t 9di 27n 9e3 27n 9ea 27r 9eh 283,9eh 284 9ei 28b,9ei 282 9et 285 9fl 284 9g5 27t,9g5 27s 9gn 27h,9gm 27h 9h9 27d 9hn 27f 9i5 27n,9i4 27n 9ip 287 9l2 2ab,9l1 2ab 9nq 2d8,9np 2d8 9pg 2eq,9pg 2ep 9rr 2gj,9rq 2gj 9uo 2i2,9un 2i2 a1q 2j7,a1r 2j7 a2r 2jd a31 2jh a35 2jo a38 2k3 a38 2kc a33 2ko,a32 2ko a2p 2kv,a2n 2kv a2b 2l1 a26 2l4 a23 2la,a23 2l9 a24 2lu a2a 2m8,a29 2m8 a2k 2mh a2e 2mo a2d 2ms,a2k 2mh a3d 2mp,a3e 2mp a3e 2n3 a3g 2nb a38 2nk,a37 2nk a3c 2o0 a2n 2of,a2n 2oe a2c 2oe,a36 2nk a2q 2nl,a23 2lt a1f 2lq,a2a 2l0 a22 2kt,a21 2kt a1r 2kp,a2d 2mo a21 2mq,a2l 2og a2h 2ov,a2f 2p0 a24 2p6 a1u 2pp a25 2q7,a4m 2la ad4 2qa acg 2r8 a42 2m8 a4m 2la,a26 2qa a2q 2qk a3e 2qa a3o 2qu a3i 2r0,a3o 2qu a50 2qu a5a 2qa,a5a 2q0 a6i 2pm a7g 2qk a8o 2r3 a91 2rh a91 2s5 a9k 2sl aar 2sr,a59 2qa a59 2q0,a4t 2qu a52 2r6,a2p 2ql a2l 2r1,a23 2q9 a1s 2qf,a23 2p4 a1j 2p0,aaq 2sp ab6 2sh abg 2s4 ac6 2ro,ac7 2ro acq 2s2,acp 2s4 acv 2sk,act 2sk acm 2t8,acl 2t6 ad7 2tk,ad7 2tl aea 2t8 ae5 2sp aeb 2sa aej 2s3 af2 2sd,af4 2se af9 2t0,af9 2t1 af3 2td,afa 2t1 ag2 2t9,ag3 2t9 ahf 2th ajd 2u8 ajo 2ug aki 2v9 aml 31l aoh 33a aqd 34i b06 38a,b07 38a b2e 39a b4r 39r b6q 3a4 b8l 3a4,98i 25m 9g2 244 9g2 23g 98i 252 98i 25m,b8k 3a4 b95 3a9 b9a 3ae b9i 3as b9m 3b7 b9u 3bq ba6 3c2 bag 3c5 bav 3c9 bbd 3c5 bbh 3c2 bbo 3bs bbt 3bq bc6 3bp bce 3bs bcn 3c3 bde 3ct bec 3dt ber 3e8 bfb 3ek bhk 3fs,bhk 3ft bj0 3ge bip 3gn,b8u 3a8 bag 39u b9i 3as,bag 39u bag 3c4,b8u 3a8 bag 3as b9s 3bg bag 3c4,bag 3bg b9i 3as,bfg 3ai bl4 3ai,bfg 3ai bfg 3a8 bl4 3a8 bqe 3bq bqe 3c4 bl4 3ai,bl4 3a8 bl4 3ai,biv 3ge bj8 3gb bjj 3ga bjs 3gd bjv 3gl bjq 3gp,bjs 3gd bk5 3g8,bk6 3g8 bki 3g8 bl1 3fv,bkl 3g8 bko 3gd bko 3gl,bl2 3fv bl8 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3r6 d7i 3ri d8n 3sa,d8n 3sb db9 3u8 dkg 43g,dkf 43g dtb 47r,dta 47u dtk 47u dtk 488 dtu 488 dtu 48i du8 48i du8 48s dui 48s dui 496 dus 496 dus 49g dv6 49g dv6 49q dvg 49q dvg 4a4 e04 4a4 e04 4ae e0o 4ae e0o 4ao e1c 4ao e1c 4b2 e20 4b2 e20 4bc e2k 4bc e2k 4bm e38 4bm e38 4c0 e46 4c0 e46 4ca e54 4ca e54 4ck e62 4ck e62 4cu e70 4cu e70 4d8 e7u 4d8 e7u 4di e96 4di e96 4ds eae 4ds eae 4e6 ebm 4e6 ebm 4eg ed8 4eg ed8 4eq eeq 4eq eeq 4f4 elm 4f4 ep4 4f4 eq9 4f0,eq9 4ev erf 4eg esa 4dm ete 4c6 eup 4c5 euu 4c9 evi 4cd evo 4ca f0b 4cb f13 4c2 f1h 4c7 f2a 4c4 f2v 4c7 f3d 4bs f3v 4bs,f3t 4bs f49 4c0 f4p 4bu f52 4bp f5k 4bt f5p 4c3 f5n 4ce,f5p 4c3 f6q 4c6 f6u 4cc f6u 4ct,f6q 4c6 f74 4bs,f75 4bs f7i 4bu f8h 4c4 f8i 4cg f8h 4cq,f8i 4c4 f8q 4bv f9a 4c1 f9m 4bs f9u 4bl fao 4bq far 4bm fba 4bo,fav 4bm fbc 4bl,fbc 4bk fc4 4bv fck 4bo fd1 4bm fde 4bt fdg 4c7,fd1 4bm fdg 4bh fdv 4bn,fdv 4bo fe6 4bt,evh 4cd evg 4ck,f0c 4cc f0e 4cj f0d 4cp,evf 4ck ev7 4cq,evf 4ck evj 4cq,eut 4c9 eun 4ch,f1g 4c6 f1l 4ci f1j 4ct,f1l 4ch f25 4ck,f2u 4c7 f2t 4ci f31 4co,f2s 4cj f2m 4cp,f49 4c1 f4c 4ci f46 4ct,f4d 4ci f4k 4cm,f5m 4ce f5i 4cj,f8j 4cf f8r 4cj,f99 4c2 f99 4cc,fan 4bq fal 4c6,fc3 4bv fc3 4cb,fc2 4ca fbv 4ci,fak 4c5 faf 4ca,fak 4c5 faq 4ce,fdf 4bt fdl 4bu,fdv 4bp fdv 4bt,fe5 4bs ff6 4db,ff5 4da fg0 4f4 fha 4gc,fh9 4gb fjv 4i5,fjv 4i4 fl8 4in fmo 4j4 fof 4jc fq9 4jg g0n 4ji g2c 4jb g43 4ih,f9c 47a fbs 46c,f9c 47a f50 47a f2q 488 f2q 48i f50 47k f9c 47k fbs 46m fbs 46c,g43 4ig g56 4hk g6c 4gb,g6c 4ga g7j 4ej g7r 4ec g80 4eb g85 4ec g8f 4ef g8p 4em g93 4f1 g9e 4fk,g9d 4fk ga1 4gc,ga2 4gc ga8 4ge gan 4gp gb6 4gs gbe 4h8 gbt 4hh gca 4hj gcd 4hd gcl 4hd,gca 4hj gcv 4hp gdj 4ib,ged 4ih gf0 4ie,gf1 4ie gfl 4im,gdj 4ic gdi 4i5 gdn 4i0 gdq 4i1 gdv 4hv ge4 4i2,ge5 4i2 ge8 4i9 gef 4i9 gee 4ih,gdm 4hv gdn 4hp,gdm 4hp gdg 4hp gdc 4hm,gdc 4hl gd9 4hh,gd9 4hi gd0 4ho,gd9 4hg gca 4hj,gcd 4hc gc8 4h6 gbn 4h5 gbj 4h1,gbi 4gv gb7 4gt,gcl 4hc gco 4ha,gcp 4ha gd2 4h9 gd9 4hf,gdk 4ic gdo 4im gdu 4im ge5 4ij,ged 4ih ge8 4im ge5 4ik,gfl 4in gg6 4ip ghg 4j3 ghu 4is gj1 4j0 gjl 4jb,gjm 4jc gjt 4jl,gjt 4jk gk9 4jk,gkb 4jl gks 4jp,gkt 4jp gln 4jp gm9 4k7 gmq 4k4 gn8 4kd,gn9 4ke gnh 4kn go8 4kr gog 4l9,gog 4la gor 4lg,gor 4lh gpm 4lr gr0 4mo gss 4o6,gst 4o6 gur 4ps,gur 4pt h16 4rj h3k 4so h5n 4t8,h5m 4t8 h8q 4to hc0 4u1 hef 4u3 hh9 4u4,ge8 4ca gle 4ca gle 4bm ge8 4bm ge8 4ca,hh8 4u4 i4a 4u4 i4k 4u6 i59 4u5 i5s 4ui i6p 4ug i7h 4u5 i8c 4un,i4a 4u4 i4a 4ru i4a 4r0 i2o 4s8 i16 4rk hva 4si hsq 4u4 hpm 4t6 hms 4u4 hkm 4tq hjo 4u4,i4a 4r0 hpm 4t6 hgu 4u4,i4a 4u4 i2o 4s8 hvk 4u4 hsq 4ss hq0 4u4 hms 4tg hkm 4u4,hsq 4ss huc 4s8 hva 4si,i32 4u4 hva 4si,i8b 4un i8d 4v7 i9q 4vv,i9r 4vv iab 4vv iar 50h ib8 50k ic2 515 icr 518 ida 51g idj 51p ie7 520 iek 52a if7 52d ifu 52j ig9 52i,igb 52i ih5 52g ihf 52d,ihg 52d ihq 52a,ihs 52c iig 52m,iii 52n iis 53a iir 53l ikn 54r,ikl 54r ili 555 imq 553,imr 552 in9 551,inb 552 int 55f ioo 55f,ioq 55f ip5 55s,ip3 56a ipk 56v,ipi 56t iq7 578 iqe 57o iqr 588 irb 58f isa 594 it8 59a,ip3 569 ip4 55s,it9 59a its 59k,its 59l iva 5a2 j0a 5ap j1v 5b9 j2r 5bp,j2r 5bo j47 5c7 j4p 5ci j6f 5cu j7e 5d0 j8p 5dd,j8p 5de jag 5du jc4 5e3 jdm 5e3 kb0 5du,il6 4t6 j0o 4t6,il6 4t6 iho 4s8 iho 4ss il6 4tq j0o 4tq j0o 4tg j0o 4t6,il6 4tq il6 4t6,kak 5e2 kgs 5cg kk0 5b8,kak 5e2 kk0 5do kk0 5b8,kk0 5do kl8 5f0,kua 5bs l8a 5bs l8a 5au l8a 5ak kua 5ak kua 5bs,l8a 5ak l8a 59m l2m 5ak,ll4 5e2 luq 5e2 m52 5gi m8g 5li,ll4 5e2 lk6 5ec lk6 5f0 luq 5f0 luq 5e2,lk6 5f0 llo 5kk lts 5m6 m6k 5m6 m8g 5li,llo 5kk lu6 5f0 m4e 5hq m52 5gi,lu6 5f0 lts 5m6 m3g 5hg m6k 5m6 lu6 5f0,lts 5m6 lk6 5f0,kl8 5ev klc 5fn kl2 5gl kkc 5ha kkb 5i2 kkq 5in kll 5j2 klt 5jg kmb 5ju kma 5kp km1 5l8 km8 5m4 klr 5mr,klr 5ms km6 5n9 kmu 5np knb 5nr,knb 5ns ko4 5oa ko3 5on ko3 5pj kok 5pr koq 5q7,kop 5q7 koh 5r2 kol 5rl,kol 5rm ko9 5sa kog 5t0 kp8 5tf,kp8 5tg kql 5tp kr2 5u8 kre 5uh kt5 5up ktk 5un ku5 5v0,ku4 5uv kui 5vc,kuj 5vd kvb 5vj,kvb 5vk kvi 5vs,kvj 5vs l0o 601 l0v 5vv l27 60h l2e 60i,l2f 60j l35 60o l3f 60o l3m 60n,l3n 60n l3s 60m,l3u 60l l45 60i l4b 60f l4g 60b l4s 60c,l4r 60d l55 60h,l54 60h l5a 60q l5h 618 l5q 61e l68 61h l6l 61l l73 61j l80 61q l8f 625 l8s 624,l8t 624 l9g 62d la1 632 lag 637 lb1 637 lbl 63j,lbm 63k lc3 63l,lc3 63i lfn 64m ljl 657 llk 65e lng 656,lnb 655 lpp 64q,lpq 64r lr8 65d,lr9 65g ltg 65k,lth 65k lub 65h lvg 658,lvj 658 m0t 65l m2b 65n,m2d 65o m3d 66a,m3c 66a m3i 66j m5b 672 m5s 673 m6d 67l,m6c 67j m9f 698,m9g 698 mak 69e md5 69u me4 6ag met 6am,mes 6an mhq 6cs mlj 6g4 mnm 6ir mri 6n4,mrf 6n4 mv6 6ps n5s 6uu nbo 713,nbm 713 nnt 74k o3s 772,o3r 773 oci 785,och 785 oj8 78c,oj6 78e pnh 78g,pne 78g qjs 78g rf2 78g rkm 78g sek 78g ssm 78g st9 78g stq 78g sub 78g sut 78c svf 788 t01 780 t0l 77m t15 77a t1m 76s t25 76b t2i 75q t2r 758 t31 74k t34 73t t36 737 t36 72e t37 71i t37 70m t36 6vo t32 6ur t2t 6tv t2n 6t6 t2f 6sb t24 6ri t1n 6qs t17 6qa t0l 6pq svs 6pe sv4 6p5 sua 6ot,pne 78g qjs 778 qjs 76a qjs 75c qjs 74e qjs 73g qjs 72i qjs 71k qjs 70m qi0 78g,qjs 778 qjs 78g,qjs 76a prg 78g,qjs 75c puu 78g,qjs 74e q22 78g,qjs 73g q4i 78g,qjs 72i q6e 78g,qjs 71k q8a 78g,qjs 70m qaq 78g,qjs 70m qd0 78g,qjs 70m qfg 78g,rf2 78g rf2 70c rkm 70c rs6 78g,rkm 78g rkm 70c rpc 78g,rkm 70c rms 78g,rkm 710 ruc 78g,rkm 71k s0i 78g,rkm 72i s2o 78g,rkm 73g s5s 78g,rkm 74e s82 78g,rkm 75c sa8 78g,rkm 76a sco 78g,rkm 77i sek 78g##T sgg 786,C n3m 6sk,C fua 4j6,C fua 4j6,C fua 4j6,T hgk 4tq,T fvs 4j6,T eoq 4eq,C bks 39q,C 8l6 27t,C 4vo i7,T 1ip ag,T 39g gi,T 4kr ie,T 60s 10l,T 7oh 19o,T 8qd 29g,T a1e 2i3,T b89 39c,T ci5 3t5,T k9h 5d9,T oil 77l


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