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OK it’s been a while since I have worked on my web presence and in that time my blog was hacked and it appears it was redirecting all my traffic on all my sites to some dodgy Russian site. It took me a while to figure it out and I hope it nothing malicious happened to anyone’s computer that attempted to view my sites.

The lesson in this is that you need to be diligent about maintenance if you run WordPress or any open source Content Management System. Regular back-ups are also a good idea (that reminds me!). The main thing you need to do with your CMS is update to the latest stable version as soon as possible after it is released. The main reason incremental CMS releases happen is for security reasons. You also need to be careful with the plug-ins you install as some have vulnerable code in them.

So I am back up and running with my blog, and Xenon Photography is a work in progress. I have kept the same theme for my blog that I was running before, but Xenon Photography is now running a new theme that is a bit more business like. That theme has proved to be a little more challenging, but it really looks like it will be worth it in the end.

I am also working on a few new projects now that I have a little more time. Keep an eye out for some new and interesting web sites from my household. The intent is that they serve some niches that we feel are currently unrepresented on the interwebs, and the topics are things I have developed an interest over significant periods of tome so it should be easy for me to wrote about.

That brings me to ‘ATM Fee Tracker’. That was a site that in the end didn’t really keep my interest and I have dropped it. The subject really wasn’t dynamic and didn’t have much depth. Given I am not in or interested in the banking industry it wasn’t really serving me or the public well and fell out of date quickly. To be honest, it was an attempt to generate traffic more than anything, and while it did generate some significant traffic when ‘foreign’ ATM fees where introduced in Australia, but that was it. The public and I lost interest in it pretty quickly. The lesson in all that is that I need to focus on subjects that truly interest me, are always developing and have an ongoing public interest.

So on to some personal interest matters. There has been a lot on my blog about BMX that stemmed from my family’s involvement and ultimately my involvement in the sport. As it turned, as much as I enjoyed riding kids bikes over piles of dirt, I just didn’t have the passion or skill to do it. Given that my combination of lacking skill and lacking speed saw me at the back of the pack every open race and a few crashes along the way, it was time to call it quits. I know that some people were disappointed in that decision, but it is what it is. Don’t worry, I will still be floating around track side and taking pictures from time to time, but my focus this year and probably well into the future will be elsewhere.

So in need of some activity and weight loss, I have gone back to something that I ultimately love to do….Inline Hockey. I did lose passion for it for some time but I guess it is a case of absense makes the heart grow fonder (or is that fondue?). I have also found that Puckhandlers now is pretty much entirely in-house league so I get to play at a decent rink every week. No offence to the rest of the rinks in Melbourne, but they really have set themselves up to be a proper hockey facility. I have also gotten into playing a little ice hockey for fun, but no league play. Unless we start having 8 day weeks (ie. a 3 day weekend) there is little chance for me to spend serious time on the ice.

With the renewed physical activity and sorry state of affairs when it comes to my fitness and weight it has come time to take action. I made a New Years resolution to get back down to my ideal weight in a year. That leaves a lot to shed but it is certainly not an impossible task. So far this year I have dropped 6kg in 2 months, and about 9kg since I started back to inline hockey last year, which certainly sees me on track to make my target and probably achieve it early. It has certainly been a challenge at times since I have gone cold turkey on so many things I enjoy, but since I am seeing results it makes it all worth while.

Well, there are many more challenges ahead this month, this year and beyond. I hope to have the time to bring you the trials and tribulations along the way through this blog, so keep watching the skies….I mean….keep watching the interwebs.

P.S. Apologies for any speeling or for of the grammatical errors (that was a joke). Jonny may have had a small hand in writing this post.


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