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YouTube Favorite – Red Bull Crashed Ice St Paul 2012

I would love to try and skate a Red Bull Crashed Ice course, but my skills on ice are lacking

Check out the latest installment in full (1.5hrs) from the 2012 season that took place in St Paul, Minnesota. There are more videos, including highlights, on various Red Bull YouTube accounts from other Crashed Ice seasons and races, just search YouTube. Also check out the Red Bull Crashed Ice website.

Youtube Favorite – Erik Johansson: Impossible Photography

You may have seen some of Erik Johansson’s photography composites floating around the interwebs. In a video from TED, he discusses how he develops his ideas and turns them into a final image. It really is a mixture of photography and illustration which creates phenomenal results that will blow your mind. The tools he uses are readily available, and as he says, the only limit is one’s imagination. If only I had his vivid imagination!

Eric’s personal portfolio is available on his blog.


A Brief History of Hi-Lo Inline Skates

Back in the early days of inline skating, that is the late 80’s into the early 90’s, it was easy for skate companies to decide on what size wheels came on each skate in their product range. In general entry level skates came with 4 x 72mm wheels, mid range skates came with 4 x 76mm wheels and high end skates came with 4 x 80mm wheels. Then there were the specialty skates for competitive disciplines. In that arena is was basically hockey skates with 4 x 76mm wheels and speed skates with 5 x 80mm wheels. Continue reading →

A Flickr Favorite – Taipei 101 by yameme

This is a very cool shot of Taipei 101 taken in the evening by Flickr user yameme. I found this shot while looking at picture of Taiwan on Flickr (I have been their once and enjoyed my time there) and was amazed by the color and vibrancy shown. The body of work from yameme also has many other shots from Taipei, Taiwan and east Asia which are all excellent. Check out his (or her) Flickr photostream for more.

台北夜 Taipei 101, Taipei


Back to the Blogosphere

OK it’s been a while since I have worked on my web presence and in that time my blog was hacked and it appears it was redirecting all my traffic on all my sites to some dodgy Russian site. It took me a while to figure it out and I hope it nothing malicious happened to anyone’s computer that attempted to view my sites.

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