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The Dirty Underwear Dilemma

Once again it has been a while since I have been here. Good thing I don’t have any fans.

I have been left at home alone for the week to fend for myself whilst the chef/housekeeper/dog walker/drink wench/entertainment has taken the child to Cairns for BMX nationals. Now this has left me with a dilemma when I looked in my underwear drawer this morning. I currently appear to have 5 days worth of underwear to last 9 days.

So I brainstormed up a few potential solutions and threw together an options matrix (sorry, no 5-phase on this one 😉 ).If you are having trouble reading the options matrix, click here to see a larger version. My ‘Big-3’ metrics on this issue are;

  • Cost – what will the impact be to my bank account considering the potential nett upside/downside
  • Time – how much time could be lost or saved
  • Quality – will the result have a potential positive or negative outcome

My assessment is based on a basic red/yellow/green status being applied to the options based on my own judgement. For those that don’t grasp the R/Y/G status, red means I judge the option as being poor for achieving the metric, green is good and yellow is in the middle somewhere.  If you don’t agree with the R/Y/G status applied or the comments I have made for the option vs. the metric, feel free to make a comment on this post below.

I now ask you, the public, to assist in determining the best course of action going forward. Please review the options matrix below and select the best option in the poll. And do it quickly or you may encounter me later in the week having chosen a weak option of my own volition.

The Dirty Underwear Dilemma
Options Matrix