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2009 UCI BMX World Championships – Aussie Practice Day 1, Gallery 2

Here are the rest of the pics I have from the Australian day 1 practice at the BMX World Championships. Still more to come after this gallery from the second day of practice and racing. Keep you eyes here and to see if I snapped you!
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2009 UCI BMX World Championships – Aussie Practice Day 1, Gallery 1

I have plenty of photo’s from the BMX World championships that I am working to put up here over the next few days. Here is the first lot of pictures from the Australian’s practice on day 1, mainly of the older male and female groups to start with. Keep an eye out here for more pictures from practice and racing.

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DPS Assignment: Machinery

DPS Assignment: Machinery

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Here is this weeks DPS assignment picture for the “Machinery” assignment. It is, of course, the chain (and back end of the chainstay) on a BMX bike.

2009 UCI BMX World Championships Elite Men’s Main Video

Here is the Freecaster coverage of the the Elite Men’s final from the 2009 UCI BMX World Championships.

2009 UCI BMX World Championships – Elite Group Champions

I hung around the double step down at the end of the first straight taking pictures on the elite race day at the BMX World Championships. It was kind of fortunate that I chose to snap the leader on the way through each of which went on to be the 2009 World Champion in their group. Check out what I caught of the new junior and senior elite world BMX champions for 2009. Continue reading →

2009 UCI BMX World Championships Track Pictures

Here are a couple of panorama pics I took and stitched together of the 2009 Worlds track (click the pics to see them full size)…



DPS Assignment – A Mistake

OK, plenty of mistakes in my catalogue, but not really anything good. I like this one though that came about when messing around with exposure levels and auto bracketing. I was shooting the sunset over Melbourne from my balcony.

It is a mistake because it is too dark, grainy and perhaps too silhouetted, plus there is lens flare. But I like it for the color, the definition of the clouds, the details such as the cranes and the landmarks I can identify by their silhouettes!


Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S 55-250 IS
Shutter: 1/250
Aperture: f/14
Sensitivity: ISO100
Focal Length: 214mm

My YouTube Favorites – An Engineer’s Guide To Cats

I have two cats, so they are friends! One is medium to large, the other is compact, but they are similar ratios.

I am fairly sure their hobbies are lounging around and bird watching. The big one is not very good at the ‘I’m not paying attention to you’ game, but the little one is. Corporal cuddling only seems to results in drawing blood.

Kitty Got Mad Skills

I LOLed when I saw this at the end of today’s DJ Kitteh video on Ican has cheezburger.

DPS Assignment – B&W Portrait (resubmission)

OK, I decided to do a bit more post processing for the DPS Assignment. I wanted to up the contrast with the black and white and lighten the image. This also took the cloud texture out and made the background almost entirely white. I also added a vignette which I have never done before and am not too sure about, but it is what it is.


DPS Assignment – B&W Portraits
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: EF-S 55-250mm IS
Shutter Speed: 1/640
Aperture: F/5
Sensitivity: ISO400
Focal Length: 70mm
Flash: Yes
Date: 27/6/09
Postprocess: Adobe Lightroom