Those Krazy Kids and their Flying Machines

OK, they’re not all kids…HRV is the same age as me. But while I’m struggling to clear the 3rd straight table top on the Park Orchards BMX track, HRV and the some of the upcoming juniors from Park Orchards and beyond are flying over the pro-line and 2nd straight triple. Here’s some of the pics I took at the clubby last weekend. I want to turn a few of these into posters and see how they look. Follow the jump to check them out…

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#1 BMX Portrait - Digital Photography School on 07.05.09 at 8:54 pm

[…] So here is probably the best of my best so far…any thoughts and feedback is welcome?? Click here for the rest of this set…I'd love feedback on how I am going overall. CG __________________ CG […]

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