A picture for DPS – Slow Shutter Speed

I have been following the Digital Photography School website for a few months and I decided to join in on their forums and assignments when I can.

An assignment from a few weeks ago was ‘Slow Shutter Speed’, and going back through some of my old pics, I had played with this before when shooting BMX. It’s quite hard to get right, especially if the rider is in the air as they tend to be moving their bodies from launch to landing which makes it really hard to track. I got this one of Steven Gedye (from Track Attack 2009 @ Frankston) after he landed and it is probably the best of my slow shutter BMX shots. The light was warmish and the condition in general were good but it is probably a bit overexposed. I have post-processed it (cropped and color balance changed) in Adobe Lightroom.

I will keep working on this slow shutter stuff as I really like the effect, especially at BMX.

Steven Gedye - Track Attack 2009, Frankston

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#1 jarryd on 04.19.09 at 5:51 pm

yeah gedye is the bomb

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