Track Attack 2009 – Round 2, Park Orchards

It was back to another track today for round 2 of the 2009 Track Attack. Today was my home track of Park Orchards. Helping out the club with officiating duties meant I had a decent excuse for not riding this round, but I am running out of reasons as to why I am not on the track. I had a good excuse back in 2008 as I got shipped to Detroit for 3 weeks, but no such luck this year.

Since I was helping out, I handed most of the camera duties over to the boss (ie. the household managing director, the mother of my child, the one who both makes me insane and keeps me sane, the love of my life etc.). When I say most, I mean I got to do practice and she did the rest. So in my opinion if you think a picture is really good, it must have been taken during practice (I just know I am going to get beaten up when she reads this). Here they are….


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