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Track Attack 2009 – Round 6, Knox (Set 2)

Here is the second set of pictures from the final round of Track Attack from Knox. (Don’t forget to check out the first set of you haven’t already.) I still haven’t been through the third card I took that day, so it looks like there is still on more set to come.

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Track Attack 2009 – Round 6, Knox (Set 1)

Track Attack’s final round was on Sunday, yet I didn’t get to starting to sort out the pictures until Monday. And started is pretty much all I have done. I have sifted the contents of the first card and realised I had selected almost 200 pictures as being worthy of posting here. All I had shot on that card was basically practice up to around half way through Moto 1. So I have decided to split them into sets. Here is the first set, there may be one or two more sets to follow, but that depends on what I find on the other two cards!

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Monday Funny

A jump-lead walks into a bar.
The barman says “I’ll serve you, but don’t start anything.”

Track Attack 2009 – Round 5, South Eastern

Saturday was Track Attack Rd 5 at South Eastern and I broke out the camera again to take some happy snaps. I had added an extra 4Gb of UltraIII to my arsenal with the winnings I got from the Eastfield money board on Tuesday night. That meant an extra 700 pictures to sort through! All in all, I took almost 2000 shots for the day, and here are the best of the best…..

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Track Attack 2009 – Round 4, Frankston

Track Attack round 4 saw us head to the Frankston and reach for the Aeroguard (the mozzies are the size of a small bird there). Oh, and I also reached for the 450D and attempted to take some happy snaps in the challenging light conditions. I’ve somehow come away with 141 images in the gallery below despite the fast loss of light.

Oh, and I went out and bought another 4Gb of fast sD card, so expect more from the final two rounds of Track Attack.

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Goalie Fights Are Funny Part 2

This time Patrick Roy of the Avs comes back for more against a different Redwings goalie, Chris Osgood.

Track Attack 2009 – Round 3, Eastfield

Last night was the first of the two evening rounds of Track Attack, this one being held at Eastfield. Again, It was photo op time, and the aim was to try and fill my 8Gb of SD cards before the light got too low. I managed to get through the first 4Gb card when the boss took over camera duties so I could grab a mega-burger at the canteen. She gave it a red hot go in the low light and managed to find a few decent shots before it got too dark.

The crowning achievement of the night was me winning 1st prize on the money board and my daughter getting 3rd. It is the only thing I have a chance of winning at an open race!

So here it is, the 90+ pretty good shots for the evening…

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Monday Funny

Two peanuts walk into a bar
One was a salted.

Track Attack 2009 – Round 2, Park Orchards

It was back to another track today for round 2 of the 2009 Track Attack. Today was my home track of Park Orchards. Helping out the club with officiating duties meant I had a decent excuse for not riding this round, but I am running out of reasons as to why I am not on the track. I had a good excuse back in 2008 as I got shipped to Detroit for 3 weeks, but no such luck this year.

Since I was helping out, I handed most of the camera duties over to the boss (ie. the household managing director, the mother of my child, the one who both makes me insane and keeps me sane, the love of my life etc.). When I say most, I mean I got to do practice and she did the rest. So in my opinion if you think a picture is really good, it must have been taken during practice (I just know I am going to get beaten up when she reads this). Here they are…. Continue reading →

Track Attack 2009 – Round 1, Lilydale

The 450D was unleashed on the unsuspecting riders at the first round of Track Attack 2009 today. It gave me a good excuse not to ride! Here is a sample of what I snapped.

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