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The American Economy Explained

Unfortunately Australia is sitting in the back carriage.

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moar funny pictures

Financial LOLZ

It’s funny, coz it’s true…..

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I’m Back….

….for another sporadic round of blogging. Well, I never really went anywhere, I just got busy.

FreeRider 2 and the Park Orchards BMX Track

You may have thought this was going to be people cutting sick on long travel MTBs at Park Orchards, but it’s not.

I came across this little flash game called FreeRider 2 via the Farkin forums (the regulars were complaining about a long thread of codes for it). It’s pretty simple…you draw side-scrolling 2D tracks or get other people’s code for them and then ride them on a bike or a number of other vehicles.

The controls are simple; up arrow to accelerate; down arrow to brake; left/right arrows to lean forwards/backwards for balance; Z to turn around; ENTER to start again. Added to that, you draw tracks using the tools on the fly-out menu on the left hand side. On the right hand menu, there is a way to save your creations and load others. There is also a button to change your vehicle. Continue reading →

I raced the Eastfield Experience and all I got was….

…third place actually. Yay, I didn’t come dead last for once. I’ve not come last in open race motos before, but to not come last on the day based on points…well that is something to get excited about in my world.

Click here for full age class results.