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Where’s Inlina?

This is like “Where’s Wally” (or “Where’s Waldo” for you Yanks). Spot me…..

Spot Me

Spot Me

Sarah Walker – Let’s Claim her as an Aussie

New Zealand’s Sarah Walker managed a 4th in the women’s BMX final at the Beijing Olympics. Since she is presently the most successful Oceania women’s BMXer and apparently lives and trains in Australia, we better claim her as our own. Isn’t that what we do with all the good Kiwi’s. Channel 7 tried as much in presenting the Olympic BMX coverage.

Actually, how about a swap. We’ll take Sarah Walker and you can have have Russell Crowe back (and we will throw in the South Sydney Rabbitoughs).

Jon Stewart vs Bill O’Reilly

In this clip from before the 2004 US Presidential Election, Jon Stewart handles Bill O’Reilly with great poise. Even when O’Reilly tries to get him to bite and he doesn’t.

Oh, and O’Reilly tries suggests that his research shows that 87% of The Daily Show’s audience are ‘intoxicated’ when they watch and tries to equate that to Stewart’s audience being ‘stoned slackers’. Nice straw man you built there Bill.

Check out The Daily Show website. It is one hell of a good show!

Swedish Women’s Soccer Team

I would like to be able to run the contest of the Swedish Women’s Soccer team vs. the Polish Women’s Volleyball team in context (ie. pictures from the pitch/court), but there isn’t a lot around for the Swedes. So here’s a little gallery of a few of the Swedish Women’s Soccer team just for you to enjoy (and by you, I mean Glenn!).

Oh, and while I think of it, here is their Olympic team roster.

The Polish Women’s Volleyball Team

No, it’s not the opener to a bad joke.

This one is more about much discussion that has been around the traps today after SBS’s Olympic broadcast last night that featured an women’s indoor volleyball game between Poland and China. The point of the discussion….are these the hottest women in the entire Olympic competition this year? So far, they have my vote, but there is a suggestion the Swedish women’s soccer team will give them a run for their money.

Judge for yourself…

Oh, and there is a bit more information on the team at Polish Blog.

The Real Reason Starbucks Failed in Australia

Let’s face it, the sign says it all. The reality of Starbucks closing most of its Australian stores….THEIR COFFEE SUCKED. Of all of the coffee chains they were the worst. And when you can get a real coffee in every high street shopping centre and on every other block in the capital city CBDs, why would you bother with Starbucks.
StarbUCKS Coffee

S_tarb_UCKS Coffee

LOLCATS get in on the Olympics

The LOLCATS aren’t going to be left out of the Olympic competition, even if their equipment is invisible. Look for them at the Opening Ceremony in Beijing.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

More Agro Out-Takes

Just for fun, here are some more Agro out-takes from Cartoon Connection. What a rude bugger!

Warning: Adult Content!!!

Kochie’s Controversy

I heard about some controversial Kochie jokes on Sunrise, but I was yet to see one. Well thanks to YouTube, you can get the whole set.

Agro’s Cartoon Connection – Rude Bloopers

Here are some adults only bloopers from Agro’s Cartoon Connection. If only I knew what was going on behind the scenes when I was a child!

Warning: Adult Content!!!