Worksafe and the Funny Bugger of a Scriptwriter

OK, I pee myself laughing every time I see this ad for Worksafe on TV. I can attest to the fact that safety at work is no laughing matter. I totally agree with the job Worksafe does and the important role they play.

But when Worksafe or anyone else in a serious business have a script written, perhaps they should run it by someone with a penchant for dick-and-fart jokes (like me!). Watch the ad and see if you get it. If not, click the more link below the video (or see below video if there is no more link) and you can get an understanding of what an imbecile like me finds so funny.

So, what is it that I find so hilarious….

The Worksafe inspector’s name is Max Johnson. Get it now? No! Well, Max Johnson = Big Dick. Get it now? No! You may have to put your mind in the gutter, next to mine.


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