Still Suck at Blogging

Yep, it has been a while. Since I last posted, the Redwings won the Stanley Cup in 6 games, I finally bought a new BMX and I finally had my first BMX crash—es!

But the most important thing I have done this week was upgrade my WordPress blog software. I went from v2.2 to v2.6, and the upgrade had only one glitch, which was a pain to fix. Somewhere along the way the tables in the database for categories changed. The new install upgraded my database with the new tables, but forgot to pull the actual category names and SLUGs across.

I tried everything I could find in the support forums to fix it which didn’t help. I then used all of my PHP and SQL knowledge to try and fix it, which didn’t help as I have no PHP or SQL knowledge. So in the end I went into the old version of the database, took a screen dump of the category names and their corresponding ebtry and type them all in one by one. And finally, I had to go into WordPress and update all af the SLUGs and the heirachy of the categories.

Next time I see that WordPress has an upgrade available, I must make every effort to do it straight away. I think that that will limit my exposure to having to stay up till 2AM fixing glitches.

Oh, and a new web project of mine is on the way.


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