Nice Shiny New Bike…Now Not So Shiny

After much longing, I finally bought a new BMX a little more suitable for me. So instead of having a teenager’s bike, I now have an bike for an adult who thinks he is a teenager. Shiny bike picture…
Shiny New BMX

Shiny New BMX

The build is essentially entry level Intense but it comes with the Podium frame which has the funky hydroformed top tube with an old school dragster sweep to it. I threw on some red Wellgo MG-1 magnesium pedals as well.

So I finally got it on the track on Saturday and what happens…slip, thud, ouch.

Yep, that’s right, I crashed for the first time ever on a BMX track. My shiny new bike was not so shiny. It was only during training and it was not so bad. I got up and continued on. I was a little sore, but my ego was bruised more than anything.

After training, I went on to race the Park Orchards clubbie in the afternoon. The bike felt great. The size and geometry was almost ideal for me, despite my earlier skepticism. I might try and find some 175mm cranks though.

As club racing went on, I managed a 5th starting from lane 8, and then a 3rd from lane 3 (with a few elbows thrown at Rob and some help from a wayward rider on the first double). I was feeling good about the bike and my racing ability.

My third moto started off better than I ever. I was heading towards the end of the 1st straight in 2nd place. Now this is an unusual place for me to be in and I was trying to figure out where the other bloke or two were that should have been in front of me. As I headed over the second lip of the double out of the first straight I turned my head to try and find them. BIG MISTAKE. This caused me to slightly twist my bars slightly just as I was about to head down the back side of the jump. BANG, I go down quicker than a two dollar hoo….you get the drift.

Quite a few of the others stopped to check on me (thanks for your concern). My wife, who wasn’t far behind me in the same race, says it was one of the loudest crashes she has heard. I was winded, but I got up and told the others to keep racing. I got back on my machine, which is now a little worse for wear, and finished the moto.

I rode the final as well, but didn’t race. I was in a little pain on my left side which only got worse later that night. I am on the mend so I hope I am right for Warragul next weekend. I’ll see you there with or without my bike!

More of my Shiny New Bike

More of my Shiny New Bike


#1 Nerita on 10.29.08 at 3:14 am

You write very well.

#2 Jono on 11.26.09 at 1:31 pm

i look up to you mr Gibson, you are my hero

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