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BMX World Championships 2008 – Tayuan China

Here is a replay of the 2008 BMX World Championships from Taiyuan, China.

How damn quick is Sam Willoughby?! And Jared Graves is doing everything right to put himself into important mains, hopefully one will stick for him soon.

Worksafe and the Funny Bugger of a Scriptwriter

OK, I pee myself laughing every time I see this ad for Worksafe on TV. I can attest to the fact that safety at work is no laughing matter. I totally agree with the job Worksafe does and the important role they play.

But when Worksafe or anyone else in a serious business have a script written, perhaps they should run it by someone with a penchant for dick-and-fart jokes (like me!). Watch the ad and see if you get it. If not, click the more link below the video (or see below video if there is no more link) and you can get an understanding of what an imbecile like me finds so funny.

So, what is it that I find so hilarious…. Continue reading →

Don’t Know What Your Kidz Are Saying, Try Urban Dictionary

Ever heard someone say something using some crazy slang and not understood what was going on? How about your kids have come home from school with some terminology not found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary? Well, then you need the Urban Dictionary. It’s filled with fun phrases that all the kids are using these days. And when I say fun, I mean disgusting dick-and-fart joke fun….my favourite.

I actually had to use this website to fully understand some of the jokes in 40 Years Old Virgin. I am not sure if it made the movie better or worse! It also helps for Kevin Smith movies such as Clerks and Mallrats.

icanhascheezburger.com – LOLCATS

If there is one site funnier than roflcat.com, it is icanhascheezburger.com. This one is updated with at least two or three LOLCATS a day if not more. The original picture they started with is below. Doesn’t seem so funny now, but it just snowballed from there.

more cat pictures

Jared Graves on The MTB 4X World Champs

I hadn’t seen any footage or even heard much about the 4X World Championship final until I read Jared Graves’ Blog. All I knew was that he had come in 4th and there was a bit of bad luck involved. But when you watch the replay below, I’m sure you’ll agree that it was more than bad luck that kept Graves from the podium.

I hope for Jared’s sake, he is allowed to get down to business when he hits the Olympic BMX track.

UCI Supercross – Denmark

I caught the UCI Supercross from Denmark on ESPN today (yeah, I know…old news). I thought it was worthy of a post. Watch Graves through the second straight. He overjumps one of the doubles and completely misses the backside. In the interview on ESPN after the race, he said he is going to work on it for the Olympics. If he can stick it there, he will own the gold medal position on the podium.

Nice Shiny New Bike…Now Not So Shiny

After much longing, I finally bought a new BMX a little more suitable for me. So instead of having a teenager’s bike, I now have an bike for an adult who thinks he is a teenager. Shiny bike picture…
Shiny New BMX

Shiny New BMX

The build is essentially entry level Intense but it comes with the Podium frame which has the funky hydroformed top tube with an old school dragster sweep to it. I threw on some red Wellgo MG-1 magnesium pedals as well.

So I finally got it on the track on Saturday and what happens…slip, thud, ouch. Continue reading →

Still Suck at Blogging

Yep, it has been a while. Since I last posted, the Redwings won the Stanley Cup in 6 games, I finally bought a new BMX and I finally had my first BMX crash—es!

But the most important thing I have done this week was upgrade my WordPress blog software. I went from v2.2 to v2.6, and the upgrade had only one glitch, which was a pain to fix. Somewhere along the way the tables in the database for categories changed. The new install upgraded my database with the new tables, but forgot to pull the actual category names and SLUGs across. Continue reading →