Waterford Oaks BMX Track – Michigan, USA

I was in Detroit late last year for work, and decided I had to check out what constituted a BMX track over there. The nearest track I could find was Waterford-Oaks BMX track in Waterford (county?). I would suggest it is in the greater Detroit metro area and as such the only track I would consider anywhere near metropolitan Detroit. From downtown Detroit to Waterford it would be similar to driving from Melbourne CBD to Lilydale.

The track has mostly ashphalt berms and a good range of jumps. The jumps started from something as big as say first double at Knox down to rhythms, as well as a medium size pro-line (no where near as big as Park Orchards though). I have no idea what the track and jumps were like, but there were a couple of fairly good riders and the track appeared to flow for them. I do think their rhythms and smaller jumps were a bit flat, but Eastfield’s rhythms look flat to me then it all changes when I ride them!

Waterford Oaks BMX Track

Waterford Oaks BMX Track Rythms and Berm

They were also doing some track work when I was there, building up a table top on the second straight. I had a chat to the riders and the guy in charge of the track work. They are trying to keep the track design balanced for the range of riders they have from Sprockets (ie. under 8’s) through to the pro’s.

Also, they have two part-time positions on the committee which are paid for by the county. One is for track maintenance and the other is for a track/racing director. Though I gather the fee these people are paid is more of a token gesture rather than a viable career. The county also chips in for dirt to be used on the track, one for one with the club.

From the talk with the folks there, they get 40-80 at a club race which they do twice a week. Racing had finished for the winter so there was no opportunity to check it out. They were also in preparation for an NBL National Round next year, hence the track work before the snow fell. They also had the USAC Nationals in 2007 and I believe have played host to international events (World Championships?).


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