Wiimotes – The nerdiest way to DJ

I was looking into the software I use to make mix-tapes (MixMeister) and found there was a a way to control it using Wii remote controller (AKA Wiimotes). Upon looking further into, I found out you can use Wiimotes with Traktor to do all kinds of things like scratch. Check out DJ ! scratching which I found on DJ WiiJ

As it turns out, Wiimotes are actually Bluetooth devices, so you can connect them to your computer with the appropriate dongle and actually get them to do interactive things on your computer using GlovePIE. I’ll have a dig around and check out other crazy things you can do with a Wiimote.

Question is now, can I live my fantasies of be a world class turntablist using my computer and a couple of Wiimotes. Only in my nerdiest dreams!


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